December 30, 2010

Fire at Rochefort Monastery

For the longest time if you asked me what my favorite beer was I said "Rochefort 10." That's no longer the case because the answer is much more situational. But it saddened me today to hear that the Trappist monastery had a fire so brazen it took 70 firefighters to extinguish it.  All the monks made it out okay and the vessels are in tact.  They will resume  brewing in a few days. Read more.

I know I told the story before- but I was working at a Beer bar years ago that enabled me to frequently purchase and try some of the best beers in the world.  I had many of them in my first few months, but not all. One November night two gentleman were in from Florida for one night only. They flew in to see a guitar virtuoso at the Tin Angel. They took a liking to me and offered to buy me any beer on the menu.  I went downstairs and consulted my friend Nick.  He said, "Any beer on the menu?" And I said, "Yes-any beer on the menu. And he said, "Well then it must be the Rochefort 10." I thought I can't do that- it's $11.99 a bottle.
But I told them that would be it- and don't worry about the tip.  I poured the glass so I could cheers them and take a sip, but was still "on duty" so I couldn't drink it. Things were wrapped up in about an hour and I went back to take another sip.  Wow. What a change. It was then that I discovered the evolution of a beer with change in temperature.  I was blown away.  And would cherish that moment, and that beer for some time.

Stan Hieronymus quotes Tim Webb in "Brew Like a Monk" (On Rocherfot 10):
"A deep, dark, potent, warming cosmic meltdown of a forcefully contemplative brew, begging to be the last of the evening."

If you're out and about today and Rochefort is on the menu-=buy a bottle and support one of the best breweries in the world.

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  1. I like the 8 a bit more. A little less intense but soooooo good. And it's cheaper!