December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Tom Waits 12.07.49

Although you might locate this blog at, and I've heard people say "I read beerlass" the original name for it was "I'll Have Another Stout" referencing  a young Tom Waits' "I hope that I don't fall in love with you."

I worked for World Cafe Live for almost a year to the date 2004-2005.  During that time I met two of the most wonderful people I will ever have the honor of knowing, Grace Park and Darren Nowicki.  Darren lives in Seattle and recently bequeathed me his deluxe Scrabble board.  Sometimes he reads beer articles in the Pacific Northwest and snail mails them to me with kind sentiments attached.  Grace has a year and 8 month old, Polly Jean and lives in Woodstock with Polly's dad- doing mom stuff when she's not working at a local theatre or consulting people on fitness/health type stuff.

They both enjoyed Tom Waits.  Thus began my love of the soul-stirring raspy music man.   I take delight in turning people on to my playlists the way they once did with me.  I believe that you are the whole of all the parts (people) you have ever met. So of course I'm a little Michael C., and a little Michelle, a little Grace, a little Darren and thousands of others.  

Beer is close to my heart, but music is a millimeter behind.  His first was my first- Closing Time.  I don't recall where I bought it, but I remember playing it nonstop.  "Martha" would channel the instant wannabe screen writer in me, "Old Shoes" would make me cry.  Now "Ol' 55 makes me smile" as I think of Beer Week karaoke with my new friend Wendy in 2009.  My alarm clock actually trades in the siren for "You can never hold back spring."

He's there when I'm wasted and wounded at the bottom of the world or when I'm shining like a new dime.   He reminds me that I'm innocent when I dream.And that the world keeps turning. Filled with brawlers, bawlers and bastards, but turning nonetheless.

Happy Birthday dear dear Tom

"Time" from an 86 Letterman Show

"Take me Home"

Love him yet?

Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)

How about now?


  1. Triple sweet! But can you walk Spanish down the hall?

  2. Rain Dogs is my fave, though Bone Machine and Mule Variations are right there. Ask Kelly about him; she has a special place in her heart for Mr Waits.

  3. Search on the YouTubeseses for a version of "Step Right Up" from the 70's in Germany, CLASSIC Tom :)

  4. I'm full of Bourbon. I can't stand up.



  7. 'And everything's a dollar in this box...'

    Great work Suzanne Woods.

    (And a pretty good name, too..)