December 3, 2010

Nothing square 'bout this Kennett

Last night I went to the soft opening of Kennett- new restaurant/bar just north of 2nd and Christian (848 S. 2nd).
I don't have time to go into all the deets= but I was very impressed.  It's a borderline miracle that the spot used to house Lyons Den. 

You'll see the  wildcats "paw" covered ledge by the front window is now  painted over black and clean.  They've recycled some of the furniture, and blended it with some new. Including a few tables that partner, Ashley Bohan's father made.  Walls are brushed with burnt sienna and decorated with black and white photos of the Kennett family that had a cafe there for 60 some years back in the day.  All good stuff.

And very good stuff coming out of the kitchen  from the hands of Brian Ricci, formerly of Pub and Kitchen. I met Brian during his days there and he's not just a good guy, but a beer guy. Totally excited to have him make me roasted chicken with vanilla toasted barley.

Guests will be delighted at some familiar faces. I will leave that a surprise.   I'll just say the brewing community might want to plant themselves at the bar on Sunday night.

Also Christian Gaal and lady friend Phoebe Esmon have crafted quite a cocktail list.  I can already picture Lance Romance sippin on the Pynchon- concocted of rye, dry vermouth, sweet potato shrub and honey.

16 taps with great local brewery representation.  YARDS EsA on the handpump. Stoudts Scarlett Lady, Sly Fox Royal Weisse, Yards Root Beer, Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, YARDS Brawler, and more.

Also of note- Johnny Della Polla has a wine background from his days in NYC, so there's no skimpin' on quality in that department either.

Only open at night throughout the week right now. Brunch to come.  Look for a grand opening in about a month or so.  But you'll wanna get there before that.

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  1. For the commenter who thought I was an idiot for saying lyons den had low class people go there- I didn't say that at all. It's just a completely different look/feel. I was only in the lyons den twice I can't speak for its clientele. I just know the bar looks totally different. I hope you have a lovely, idiot-free weekend.