December 24, 2010

Oh baby it W A S cold outside- but I had a firepit to keep me warm.

I still smell like fire pit. I was outside for about 4 hours last night.  And the hand warmers tucked in my boots just weren't doing the job.  It's funny the things you do for work. 

The Ice Lounge at Franco's is pretty cool (pun intended?) And I was really happy to have been there.
 It will be open next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday if you want to check it out.  Sly Fox cans will be $4 and there will be some rather tasty Philly Distilling cocktails concocted by Phoebe Esmon and the Bartenders Guild.  And it's within walking distance of the unrivaled Fork and Barrel. AND there were three fire pits, and two heat lamps to keep you warm.

Francos has a new chef in the kitchen who made me awesome house-made ravioli last night. Don't be surprised if you start hearing more and more about this Italian eatery in East Falls.

All the ice was done by Rob Capone of "Put 'Em on Ice" with his partner Chris Saunders.  They specialize in logos, luges, and ice bars.

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