December 28, 2010

A quiz to separate the guzzlers from the geeks...

I have quizzes that I like to do at Sly Fox promo nights.  I vary the quiz depending on what audience I think I will have.  It's hard to assess how beer savvy the crowd might be.  Sometimes I overshoot and they think it's too hard, and sometimes- quite the opposite I make it fairly easy and it's still too hard.

Here's my most recent quiz...then I will share some of the answers below the questions for that question that I received two weeks ago from bar guests....

1. How many liters are in a half keg?
2. What is the new popular hailing from New Hampshire served in pounder cans that has popped up in Philly this fall?
*Four Loko?
3. What country has the largest beer consumption per capita?

4. What US brewery uses the artwork of Ralph Steadman on their packaging?
*Sly Fox?
5.  What is the biggest beer drinking day in America? 
*Superbowl Sunday 
*Thanksgiving Eve
6.  If I was talking about Roggenbier, what would I be referring to?
*Beer brewed by Seth Rogen?
7. If a beer is “oxidized” what off flavoring is the drinker getting?
8. What is the name of the home brewing competition Sam Adams hosts every year?
9. What were the names of the couple that got married at the original Oktoberfest?
10.       This State has the most breweries per capita.
11.       According to the Brewers Association in 2007. How many beer styles exist in the U.S? Bonus
12.       Where was the first lager brewed in America?
13.       Name four ingredients of beer according the German Purity law
14.       GIVEAWAY: What’s your favorite beer?
 *Tonight:Sly Fox 2010 Christmas
*Blue Moon
*Miller Lite

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