January 29, 2010

Tickets still left for South Philly Tap Room's "Beef and Beer"

Here's what you can look forward to
The Beef
Slow roasted prime rib of beef
            -homemade steak sauce
            -horseradish cream sauce
            -selection of salts

Smoked beef brisket tacos with fresh tortillas
            -nopale salad
            -salsa verde
            -tomato and arbol chile salsa
            -guacamole with roasted chiles

Classic steak tartar with black pepper sabayon
 Macaroni and cheese
Roasted brussel sprouts with double smoked bacon and apple vinaigrette
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Classic caesar salad
 Assorted rolls with whipped salted butter
The Beer (ALL CASK)
Troeg’s Nugget Nectar
PBC’s  Kilty Pleasure (scotch ale) and Newbold IPA
Sly Fox’s Gang Aft Agley (wee heavy) and Chester County Bitter
Flying Fish’s Hop Fish IPA
Weyerbacher Hops Infusion IPA
Stoudt’s Chocolate Cherry Fat Dof- (imperial oatmeal stout aged with chocolate and cherries in the firkin)
All you can for $50
If you are a Newbold ressie-Only $40.
You can order tickets online here.

This week's Pick Six from Philadelphia Weekly

Just about every two weeks I find 6 noteworthy beers at the Foodery and write about em...

Here's this week.

Coming soon:
*Review on Vetri
*Review on Green Eggs cafe
*Review on Amis
*Recap on IPA's first Potluck

January 28, 2010

Sly Fox to debute Route 113 in a CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she Wonderful?
Read all about it-=-=

Big news coming out of Sly Fox at 2:30 this afternoon....

Stay tuned.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited.

The Trouble with Trippels- this SATURDAY @Johnny Brenda's

This Saturday-
All Saturday @ Johnny Brendas
-Sly Fox Incubus, Flying Fish Exit 4, Dock St. Prisoner of Hell and many other tripels are available for your drinking enjoyment.
Make sure you're extra nice to your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend
on Friday just in case things get ugly on Saturday.

Trouble with Dreams by the Eels

IPA POTLUCK Party tonight!

Hey all-=-=

Were 7 hours away from the first In Pursuit of Ale Potluck.
My roast pork is roasting.  The sharp provolone is purchased...now all I need is about 50 Martins Rolls.
I think I've got about 25 dishes all day.

Its pay as you go for beers
$3 for ladies $4 for lads

If you want to come and don't have a dish that's quite alright.
Just show up any time after 6:30 but don't hog all the grub.

There's an 8-track player. So if you have any 8-tracks please bring em.

Ill probably have a donation thing out so we can raise money to tip our buffet guard.
He'll keep it clean and tidy for us all night.

See you after 6:30.
For  those of you who haven't been yet -It's 901 N. Delaware Ave. About 1/4 mile north of spring garden.

January 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us.

On Dec. 20th of 2006 I had my  IPA beer club Christmas party.  A few of the brewers came.  I knew all but one.
I had seen Lance Romance at a festival or two but had never spoken with him.  And blonde ponytails really weren't my thing.
But that night after many cans of Sly Fox I suddenly didn't mind the hair as much.

We were sitting across from each other at the Good Dog at a table filled with friends but we talked the whole time.  The night was coming to an end and he asks me, "Have you ever heard of the P and P?"
I was floored.  Lance Romance knew about the seedy after hours club for bar/restaurant folks?

Yeah- I knew about the P and P.  I didn't engage in the seediness of it, but had a few beers and gross hot dogs there in my day.  So we smuggle cans out of Good Dog. Drink them on Latimer St by Dumpsters....(soooo romantic) and precede into the P and P.  We got a table in the corner right next to the juke box, Sierra Nevada Celebration ale and talked and talked.

We talked about the beer club, and how he started the West Chester Cycling Club. I found out that he had a degree in journalism from Syracuse- a program I wanted to do, but couldn't afford.  We enjoyed each other's company until the lights got bright and it was time to say good night.

He was a gentleman and waited for me to get a cab.  I didn't know what to do.  Do I smooch him? Hug him? Nothing him?  It was the worst. I was like half in the cab and according to him- I went in for that first lipsmack.  The cab starts driving away. The window was down so I leaned out of it, turned around and screamed, "Don't tell anyone."  Oh my god, how mortifying! Who does that?  I guess I did.

A month would go by before I saw him again.  We had a few email exchanges. Enough of an electronic flirtation to build up to his Belgium comes to West Chester event.

I took the bus out there with a gang of people and got extra free drink tickets from the  brewmaster.  He was trying to woo me I guess. A few tripels, and quads later I was officially smitten.

and that was three years ago today. 

Sometimes he wants to choke me. 


Sometimes I hate his facial hair.

Sometimes we get coffee at Flying Saucer after a long night out. 

Sometimes we're pretty cute.
(after a Founders Breakfast Stout or two)

January 26, 2010

Boulder, Paper, Scissors with Boulder Brewing at MAD Mex this Fri,

I was kind of excited because I thought I had no plans on Friday... but then this popped up in my facebook events today.

Boulder, Paper, Scissors
MAD MEX (3401 Walnut St)

8 till 11

I don't make it into University City enough.  After having such a great time with the MAd MEx folks out in Pittsburgh two weeks ago I think I will make it a point to pop over more often.

This will be part of an ongoing series of Boulder, paper, scissors promos that will culminate during a big championship during Philly Beer Week.

For those of you who might not be aware. I was the 36th seed in the Philly Rock Paper Scissors Championship series in 2007 under the alias "Sassy Kick some Assy".  All this tournament action was taking place in the infancy of my relationship with Lance Romance.  How could he resist a young lady with such roshambo skills?

As far as the pours....the advertisement mentions Boulder's Mojo Risin IPA but I am sure there will be others.
Photo above: IPA beerclub rock paper scissors night Summer 2007 or 8 not sure.

January 25, 2010

Beef and Beer this Sunday at SPTR

Its that time of year again for Scott Schroeder and
South Philly Tap Room to host their version of a

"Beef and Beer."

I like their version a whole lot more than your standard jaycees firehall benefit.

It includes Slow roasted prime rib of beef, house-smoked brisket tacos
Classic beef tartar topped with black pepper sabayon & an assortment of vegetables.

And lotsa firkins including Philly Brewing Co's Kilty Pleasure and Sly Fox's Chester Co. Bitter.

Only $50.
It's set up buffet style. There will be plenty of food;)
Like my pop says, "fooooood that is goooooood"

January 22, 2010

In Pursuit of Ale POTLUCK @ YARDS Thurs 1/28

Ladies of In Pursuit of Ale are hosting their first POTLUCK at YARDS next Thursday (instead of usual Wed) at 6:30.

It's a MIXER.
All dudes are welcome you just have to pay an extra buck for beer.

Most beers are reduced to $3 for ladies and $4 for lads.  Beers like TJ will be more.

Please email me at beerlass@gmail.com and tell me what you're whipping up.

I am organizing it soo we have a little bit of everything....apps, entrees, salads, and sweets.

If you've never been out to a meeting before-= this is the perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect opportunity to come.

and YARDS has just opened their tasting room to the public. 
Rumor has it they have a bowling alley bar top!  
Here are some other fun facts about YARDS from their website
  • Pennsylvania's first 100% wind-powered brewery
  • Current production capacity of 12,000 barrels a year
  • Hot water collected and recycled whenever possible
  • All glass and cardboard recycled through Pedal Co-Op
  • Grains and dregs donated to local farms as feed
  • Earthen clay walls in the Tasting Room
  • Floors made from recycled concrete and coated in SoyCrete sustainable compound

January 21, 2010

Happy almost Birthday Robbie Burns!

It's actually not until the 25th but we'll celebrate the bard tomorrow.

Sly Fox Pub Phoenixville

Ceremonial cutting of the Haggis
Our scotch ale (gang aft agley)
our Scottish Ale
Our gang aft afley from 2007.
Gang aft cask- conditioned

Poetry reading.

Celtic Fun starts around 6 pm

Today-= Sly in the City

Today is gonna be a long one.  The Sly Fox crew (Brian, Tim, Corey, John G) will be taking a bus into the city this afternoon with 18 people that help us sell beer in New York- Team Sheehan Distributors.

We're doing the Center city can crawl on Sunday- to celebrate International BEER CAN DAY-so this time around we're keeping it to the Fishtown and Northern Libs area.

5 pm- Memphis Taproom.  I can taste the Fried Dills already
6:45 Johnny Brenda's - Ichor might be ontap
8- Firkin of Gang Aft Agley at SWIFT HALF...
9ish- Standard Tap- This should be a rollicker as the team will surely be tuned up.

Join us if you can. Feel free to text me if you have my digits to see where we're at.

January 20, 2010

Looks like you'll be in South Philly tonight-= Hitachino at the SPTR

Tonight South Philly Tap Room will be pouring the following-=-
There will be different sizes available to make it more affordable for everyone

Hitachino White (The best witbier on the planet)
Hitachino Ginger
Hitachino Export Stout
Hitachino XH
Hitachino Commemorative Ale

Trip down memory lane: The Masters of the Universe Alarm Clock

Sorry this is a non beer-related post.
This one's for the Woodsies.

I have a big brother, Michael, that introduced me to wrestling and other boy toys. 

I spent equal time with He-man as I did with Sheera.  And one of my favorite childhood memories was this crazy Alarm clock.

I woke up this morning and oddly, it was the first thing I thought about.
Anyone else have it?
This is what it says-=-

"He Man, Its Teela
we've been called again
we must not let Skeletor keep us from our friends."

"Then call with me Teela:
Its time to wake up
smile and be happy
brush your teeth and make it snappy
we never fail with our wake up verse because we're the Masters of the Universe."

January 19, 2010

Breaking News: Iron Hill Maple Shade to Pay Homage to Jersey Shore's "The Situation"

Lance has posted about "The Situation" over on his blog too.

Paul Rutherford of Iron Hill Lancaster has convinced Maple Shade brewer Chris Lapierre to brew a beer aptly named, "The Situation."

Lapierre had heard a lot of buzz about the entertaining hit shit show on MTV but hadn't seen it until this weekend.  (when- as an insider- I can tell you he watched a borderline marathon while polishing off a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Bun ice cream).

Years ago when Lapierre was developing a recipe for barelywine -he wanted to make it a golden one. He was inspired after attending Split thy Skull- when a lot of the beers were similiar all day until one shined through- one golden in color.

He's fond of his interpretation but with those who are insistent on classifying beers- disagreeing with him that his Golden Barleywine is in fact a barleywine... he has a "Situation" doesn't he? 

He decided he would stop saying "golden barleywine" and give it a catchy name like he did with "Cannibal" and "Eddy" then the people could just think what they want.

He had a beer that needed a name-and a name that needed a beer.

The beer was brewed on Saturday.  It will be golden, strong, and have a big nose.

It is The Situation.

Stay tuned for details on the Situation's Release Party.
Rumor has it the brewer himself might hit up his stylist prior.  That alone is worth making the trip across the bridge.

Now the question is should I be Sammi Sweetheart, Snooki, or Jennie Woww?
I guess Snooki since she's the shortest? Now how to enhance the endowments???

January 18, 2010

Sly Fox celebrates International Beer Can Day- this Sunday- with the Brian O'Reilly Can Crawl

Riding high off our praise from Maxim Magazine (Phoenix Pale Ale was recently voted by the Men's Cosmo as one of the best 25 beers in the country) we're planning a traveling can celebration for Sunday, January 24th.

That was sort of a joke.  We're honored that Maxim wants us in their fridge, but for three years I've wanted to do something on National Can Day...and it never worked out.
This year I gave Jon Myerow of TRIA a call and said we could tie it into Sunday School there.
They'll be featuring our Dunkel Lager.  Varga Bar is going to start doing Sly Fox can food pairing every Sunday-they will kick if off on International Beer Can Day, and Jose Pistolas is always featuring the cans during sporting events.

It'll be a fun day of bar hopping with Brewer Brian O'Reilly that won't break the bank.
Join us and Pay as you go.
Start off with Brunch at Jose Pistolas 1 pm
Varga Bar 2:30
Tria Washington Sq 3:30
Tria Rittenhouse 5

January 17, 2010

A sprinkle if you will...Adam Ritter gives me the go ahead on a teaser. Consider yourself teased

I had the pleasure of stopping by Adam and Jennifer Ritter's upcoming Fishtown Watering Hole on Thursday.  Located at the corner of Girard and Montgomery, this will keep Fishtonians VERY happy and fed well in their fishbowl.

I'll be sharing a bit on the menu and the layout as time goes on but for right now....Ritter said I could share a "sprinkle," a tease.

So here it is --the corner of the bistro.

What you see here is what's left of some old wall paper that actually had velour floral detail that was then covered in polyurethene. The upclose is very cool.  You will see this and those fun disc lights throughout the bar.

Aesthetically, it's going to have a different feel from the Ritter's first bar, Sidecar- but the concept of a being a good neighborhood bar...that shouldn't change.  Guests will actually be encouraged to sit together.  And the beautiful bar itself will lend to a lot of neighbor watching....

January 16, 2010

Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting open for business and pouring BEER

The new Plymouth Meeting Whole Foods opened for business on the 12th.

 Why does this newsbit make a beer blog?

They have a beer and wine pub featuring an array of local beer (including Sly R.t 113). I also just read that they are having a chili cookoff from 11 till 2 today. So now I am abandoning my duties for two hours to go an introduce myself and eat a bunch of chili.

The store is boasting recycled materials top to bottom.  They're going to feature a seasonal roof deck, and a kids area where the youngsters can come and play and samples - TONS of samples.

The new market spans over 45,000 square feet in the Plymouth Meeting Mall.

I really really really want to go to this.

I mean REALLY.

January 15, 2010

Happy National Soup Day-- A few around the city made even better with beer!

*Jose Pistolas has an awesome new chili con carne made with Sam Smith stout. (although not quite a soup) Yesterday was a stressful one as I was returning from Pittsburgh, had a million things to do and had to do them with a fresh cold and fatigue like no other. The chunks of pork and beef were as tender as could be.  No slacking on the cheese and great flavor without a heat attack.

*Prohibition tap room has that yummy stout french onion soup.13th and buttonwood

*Institute has belgian dubbel french onion, old rasputin (a russian imperial stout0 chili and tomato lager.  They have a new chef as well.  I'm going to their Us vs Belgian event on sat starting at 2. Maybe you should to.

*South Philly tap room has the tomato lager soup with mini grilled cheese.  Scott Schroeders soup is probably the most talked about beer infused item in the city. 

AND the big news on beerlass.com today is

*Sansom St. Oyster House will be serving up Clam chowder for $5 from 11:30 till 2. Get it to go or head inside and pair it with an O'Reillys Stout

January 11, 2010

Steel City to become Sly Fox City. Sly Fox launches in the Pitt Market this week

It's early.
I've barely slept.
There's no time for sleep when editors are waiting in Deadlineville.

I'm feel like I just got back from a weekend in New York and I'm leaving for Pittsburgh. I guess because I did and I am.

Lance and I took a bite of the Big Apple Friday night and Saturday. 

I hope to have more time to fill you in on our escapade in the next day.

It involved
a lot of really bad customer service
an almost scuffle with a douche bag at the Gingerman

corn ice cream!
delicious Ale Smith Wee Heavy
a bartender that even referred to herself as a sociopath
the best apple turnover I have ever had
the worst octopus I have ever had

a slightly disappointing experience at BXL by Times Square
Great times as expected at D.B.A. and Blind Tiger.

and much more.

January 8, 2010

MONDAY night @ NorthBowl- "Gutterballs for Bells" sponsored by ONYX

I remember the first time I had a HOPSLAM- I was actually sitting in a coffee shop trying to compare it to Troegs Nugget Nectar in an interview with a Templu U magazine.

Both beers struck a chord.  Every year I now look forward to mid- January for the double dose of  "the subaru is going nowhere" Double IPAs.

Next Monday-
SLAM duh duh duh duh let the bowlers
be bowlers

North Bowl is hosting Gutterballs for Bells.
I am not sure of the entire beer lineup.

But $20 gets you 3 games of bowling and a beer.  
Other than that beers are $4.

Let your weekend start with some old skool ONYX

There's still some Old Bart around! Tonight, Sat and rounding up with Bridgids on Monday

YARDS is still pushing their delicious barley wine on us all over the city.

-There's a pin at Pub and Kitchen (and those amazing fish and chips to boot).  The boys are confident its gonna kick soon so get there on the earlier side of happy hour.


it will also be pouring at Fairmount's London Grill 8 till it kicks.  Here they are trying to set a record it seems. Mr. Tom Kehoe will be there


P.o.p.e  12 till 6.  The every mysterious Pots will be bartending. AND the infamous TIM ROBERTS- deemed nicest guy in Philadelphia by Brendan Hartranft will be there. Stop in.  Maybe take a stroll up the street to Green Aisle and buy some of those life-altering Ric's English Muffins.


BRIDGIDS will have a pin.  This will be the final pouring of it...and you best be there.

January 7, 2010

IPA BEER club meeting at Dos Segundos was a big freakin hit!

Don't have much time...gots to run to Bucks County- but a quick blog to share the mexican success that was IPA Beer Club at Dos Segundos last night.

I think throughout the night we had 18 women come.  At one point there was 15 of us there.

The food was great-though spicy.  Fro those of you who have eaten with me in the last month- I've ordered a lot of fish and vegetarian entrees.  I made up for it last night with some buffalo (as is sauce) fried pork cheeks.  I only made it through two and then offered them around because I could handle the spice and my heart couldn't handle the thought.

A lot of the ladies enjoyed the YARDS tavern spruce (as did I and always have).  I was taking it easy so I only had a small glass of that and a small glass of smuttynose winter- which I didn't enjoy as much as I thought I would.

I bought a a big bottle of Cigar City's Winter Warmer Warmer Winter- which I poured around for all the ladies.  It was an old ale chockfull of chocolate character.  I enjoyed it a lot but with an abv attached of 10% I wasn't able to drink that much of it. Plus given my impromptu tour de Tom Peters the night prior I wasn't going to be drinking too much of anything.  I told Lance he kidnapped me.  He said it probably wasn't too much of a struggle.

The best part of last  night was the fact that 7 new women came out for the first time.  One because her boyfriend really wanted her to (i think she did too) another said she had wanted to come to a meeting for a while because none of her girlfriends drink beer.

Made me feel good that what I started in June of 2006 still has weight and importance and isn't stopping anytime soon.

Our next meeting will be at YARDS brewing co.  It'll be on a Thursday instead of a Wed and it will start at 6 so we can get tours.
I also think it's gonna be a mixer and if Smashington approves- perhaps a Potluck as well!

Enjoy the day.

PS:  Lance and I are taking off to NYC tomorrow.  We're staying in SOHO- if you have any suggestions other than the beer bars we already know and love please email or comment.

January 5, 2010

Ladies-= Dos Segundos tomorrow night 7:30 pm

Hey Ladies-=-

Maybe your 
New Year's ressie should be to come to more beer club meetings...

You agree? Great!  You can start tomorrow night in Northern Libs at Dos Segundos-Craft beer and mexican food.

We will also be right up the street from a firkin of YARDS Old Bart at Standard Tap.

Sounds like a double dose to me.

Our next meeting will not be until January 28- It'll be a night touring and drinking YARDS.
More deets to dish soon.

Lance Romance to hit Swift Half with a firkin of Scottish Ale this THURS

Lance is extra excited about this Thursday because of his affinity for Dave Garry, co-proprietor of the Swift Half pub in Northern Liberties.  I am not allowed to reveal how he has him stored in his phone because his mother reads my blog.

This Thurs at 7 pm be there for the tapping of a firkin filled with Scottish Ale From Iron Hill Maple Shade.

I remember he was very excited about this beer when he brewed it last.

No guaranteed that he'll be wearing a metallic gold jacket though.

Weyerbacher launches Fireside Ale for the Season with a Fireside Video

Dan Weirbach enjoys an ale fireside with the Chrises (and I think a pet is in there)
T'was filmed this past Sunday using a Flip video camcorder.