May 31, 2010

Tir Na Nog celebrates Philly Beer Week

Fun fact: Tir Na Nog is the #1 Draft Volume bar in the 5 counties.

Thursday June 10, they will be hosting a tourney style evening.

For a mere $35 (this is soooo cheap)-
8 plates and 16 beers.

Each plate will be paired with 2 beers.
All the plates are unique dishes for that night---nothing off the regular TNN menu.
You decide which beers of the sweet sixteen move on. The winning beer gets a year long spigot at Tir Na Nog. The other top 3 will find themselves on the bottle list.  This is a great chance for small craft breweries that get overlooked in the shadows of the big guys, to get a placement and expose themselves to a new audience.

At least that's the way I see it.

The evening begins with the elusive Russian River Consecration-

A strong dark ale aged for 6 month in cabernet sauvignon barrels with  the addition of currants.

21st Amendment High or Hell Watermelon Wheat
Allagash White
UFO Hefeweizen
Abita Purple Haze
Sly Fox Pikeland Pilsner
Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA
Great Divide Titan IPA
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop 3
Lagunitast IPA
Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold
Oscar Blues Momma's Lil Yellow Pils
Sierra Nevada Summer Fest
Stone Arrogant Bastard
Weyerbaccher Merry Monks
Ommegang Aabbey Ale
Dogfish Head Indian Brown

Yet another uneventful Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm not really one for the shore. As I was explaining to Lance- once I get there, I can enjoy myself, but the transport kills me. Last year we went to Cape May for about 5 hours...and we were on the road as long as we were there. 

So when it comes to a big beach get away weekend, I stay in South Philly (when I'm not doing distributor samplings).  I  spent a lot of the weekend by myself which was nice considering the crazy beer week ahead of me.

I did a distributor sampling at Philly Beer Co. on Friday night. I sold just 3 cases, and saw enough to depress me for the rest of the weekend.  I was in bed by 10 pm after a burger at Lucky 7 in Fairmount on Friday.  Saturday was yet another sampling at Beer Etc. in Hatfield, Pa.  They said they had me double booked with Gretz distributors, but by the time I left they weren't there yet. I sold 6 cases and had two visits from city pals, including beer runner Kevin Mudrick and Dogfish's Wendy Domurat.  That was much appreciated, making the time go by fast. Saturday night I hung out with a few Sly Fox brewers in the city.  I stopped by the Brauhaus for a bit and actually got a seat at the bar.  I enjoyed a few 1809 Berliner Weisses, then moved a few blocks to join a trio that were 2 Manhattans in at Southwark.  It was a Pikeland Pils night.  We had a few of them, snuck in a sazerac, and headed home to watch the perfect game on DVR. Sunday, except for a nice brunch with Duvel pal, Megan, I spent the day solamente, writing, cleaning and cooking all day. When the raging panda gets back from Avalon, she will see the wax on the floors, not a dish in the sink, and the refrigerator rid of any food that it should be rid of.
I made ice cream- batch #9.  I was going to call it Zeke vs. the Volcano-because I made it with the remains of a jar of Black Lava Cashews from Dibrunos bros.  But its not like Zeke really took on a volcano.  The base is honey.  The cashews are a pinch salty, but it works.  Its also one of my creamiest to date, which makes me happy following my icy "You put the thyme in the coconut."

I also made pasta for the first time since February.  Its cooling down now, but if all goes well, Ill bring homemade paperdelle salad to my Memorial Day bbq.  Then off to bartend at Bridgids.
I thought we would be closed for Memorial day, and by thought- I mean hoped and prayed, but alas, I will be pouring beers from 5 till ?  Go Flyers.

May 27, 2010

Ladies (and gents)-= Beer Week Thursday 6.10.10 Sunny with a chance of Dance Party

Mr. America gets crowned and crunk tonight @ Johnny Brenda's

Tonight you'll wanna be at Johnny Brenda's for the MR. America pageant hosted by the lovely kittens of Shmitten Kitten.

They've found the most dreamy bachelors from varying Philly hoods and said bachelors will be competing for the crown which was cleverly made out of empty SLY FOX cases.

Doors are at 8 pm.
I will be one of the judges.
Having been in a relationship for almost 3 1/2 years, I am honored that they think I still have a good eye for "talent."

$5 cover.
Dance party afterwards-and they promise to play Black Betty.

May 26, 2010

Latest happenings at Woodsies Ice Cream Shoppe

I'm incessantly being inspired by random ingredients I spot.  This could be anywhere from Dibrunos brothers to that semi-gross pantry section at Marshalls.  I pick up random chocolate bars filled with random crunchy things thinking, "I bet I could make an ice cream with this."

This has led me to my two most recent icecreams. 
"P, B, and C, and N"  and "You put the thyme in the coconut"

I came up with Peanut Butter cinnamon after finding cinnamon peanut butter on a market shelf.
My vision was to create a cinnamon ice cream as a base..then swirl the peanut butter through.  I accidentally added nutmeg when I should have added the cinn.  So it tasted like eggnog. It was sort of delicious.  But I couldn't stop there. I had the peanut butter so I figured I would add it in when the ice cream was half frozen, thus creating a "ribbon effect."  Instead it emulsified into the ice cream, and I was left with some split personality- half eggnog, half peanut butter ice cream.

It was good.  Different but good.

Next up I was inspired by a dark chocolate bar I bought.  It had thyme crunchies in it.
I had already had coconut milk. So I stovetopped that with some roasted coconut, and fresh thyme.
I drained it out so it would have an accent of thyme without overwhelming my ice cream guinea pigs.
Then when it was in the maker, I shredded in the chocolate bar.  This is ok.  I liked the concept more than the result.  I don't think I let the "custard" cool down in the fridge long enough before I put it in the maker.  A $6 lesson in patience.

Next up- Batch #9- is either Key Lime Pie or Cantaloupe, Honey, and Vanilla....

"Bacon Love"

My roommate, the Raging Panda, had a stroke of adorable the other day- when she arranged for me to get this Bacon heart print I started eyeing up way back around the holidays.

It was love at first sight in December. Sort of like meeting someone for the first time, then smoochin' them months later?
But unlike a bad breakup- this piece of bacon love will stick around.  It will hang on my bedroom wall forever. (But not the same wall as my metal pig).

Check out local artist, Mike Geno's other meatcentric works of art here.

Beer Week in the Sly Fox World- all 33 events

This doesn't really provide the fascinating details on each event-  just a glimpse so you can predict which event really did me in....33 in all for the brewery.

Date/ Place/Event Time

Thur   3rd Iron Abbey 6 pm- 8 pm

Fri  4th Jose Pistolas 12 pm-3 pm

Standard Tap 3pm-6 pm

Bar Ferdinand 6 till 8 pm

Opening Tap 7:30-10 pm

Sat  5th Globar Beer Expo @ Simeone 12-3 pm  4:30-7:30

Phoenixville Pub Crawl 1-5 pm

Beers on Broad St-Ken Sq 1-5 pm

Beermuda Triangle 1 - 4pm

King Pin 3:00 PM

Can Crawl 3:30 pm- 6 pm

Sun  6th Smoke em if yous got em 11:00 AM

Brunch at Coopers/Jakes in Myunk 1- 3 pm

Collect the pint at McGlincheys 1-4 pm

Mon  7th Sly Fx & the Family Stone-Side 5-9 pm

Doobies with William Reed 10:00 PM

Tue 8th Barbecue Night at the P.o.p.e. 7:00 PM

TJS local firkins event 6 -10pm

Nice Cans- Delilahs 10-12 am

Wed  9th Southwark Happy Hour 5-7 pm

Local Brewers Pub Crawl @BAR 8:00 PM

Firkin Riot @ Johnny Brendas 12 pm -12:00 am

Thu 10th Rembrandts Lunch 12:00 PM

CHIFA Happy Hour 5 pm- 7 pm

IPA beer club PARTY w/Sly 8 pm - ?

Klash of the Kaisers w/Triumph 12 pm- All Day

Get ur Fill of Pils-Grey Lodge 4pm-9pm

Fri  11th Firkin off @ Good Dog 7 pm- 9 pm

Sat  12th Randy Mosher@ HeadHouse 12-3, 4-7, 8-11

Doobies Take it in the can for pets 12- all day

Smores w/O'Reilly's TapHouse 8 pm- 10 pm

Sun  13th Zythos @ Penn Museum 12-3 pm and 4-7 pm

T.U.D. @ Fergies 7:00 PM

May 24, 2010

Beermuda Triangle: Where Livers get Lost

Saturday June 5th 
1 pm
Meet up at Bishops Collar for a casual Beer Week Run.

It's about a 5 K- running between Bishops Collar, Kite and the Key, and St. Stephens Green.

Ladies in pursuit of ale-=  I'm thinkin' we need tee shirts.

Sly Fox cans will be featured.

As my email read: "Cool Shirt Good Cause"


 Want a uniform George Jetson style for beer week?
You can buy this shirt to represent "America's greatest beer drinking city" and 3 dollars (the profits) will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Foundation (to fight childhood cancer).

"I'll Have Another Stout" reader, Brad designed this t-shirt for PBW.  You can simply email him at if you are interested in sporting and supporting.  It should be noted that it's also officially PBW approved.  I like how "2010" is written on a can.

These shirts are an attractive Royal Blue and come in 3 styles.

add $2 for xxl, xxxl, $3 for xxxxlHanes Beefy tee $10  (sizes are pretty true)
 American Apparel soft tee $15  (run a bit tight, but not hipster tight)
 Alt Apparel girl fitted tee $15  (a bit snug, order a size up if needed)

 Shirts can be shipped for an extra $3, he accepts paypal, check, pesos, etc.   to order reply with size(s) and let him know if you can join the crawl. 
**Kudos to Brad for his philanthropic tie-in to Philly Beer Week**

A love letter from Gramercy!

Its been over a month since my birthday get away to New York (which Lance likes to refer to as "his Christmas") and I haven't done a proper recap.  And this isn't it either.

But this is a quick mention of one of my favorite topics: excellence.

Danny Meyer's Gramercy Tavern embodied that during an April lunch. I loved it so much I almost want to name my first born Gramercy. Is that ridiculous? Probably.
Or the thought of me not drinking beer long enough to have a child? Is that ridiculous? Not as far-fetched as some would think -no time soon though.

I've got to run to Yardley for the day- but as you can see - Chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern wrote me a love letter thanking me for my love letter to him.  He thinks my name is Suzanna, but I can get over it.

More on our time there after a beer fest break.

Dock St. Beer Din @ MID ATLANTIC this Wednesday-only $30

$30.00 per person.  Open Seating 7-9:30.

Three Courses- Three Beers plus they are tapping a firkin of "West of Center" pale ale at 7:00. 

Here's the menu created their new culinary director Bryan Sikora (formerly of Talula's Table) and Chef De Cuisine Steve Lamborn.  (Formerly of Gayle)

Smoked Blue Fish with hash brown potatoes, saffron, carrot coulis and  plump golden raisins paired with "West of Center" Pale Ale

Goat cheese Dumplings Roasted Spring Beets, toasted pistachios and red beet mousse paired with Dock St. Bohemian Pilsner

A petite Reuben paired with Rye IPA
Sounds good to me!

May 21, 2010

Not sure if this is old news already but Lancaster to can new Kolsch

Some of you might already know this...but I just saw my first can of it on Saturday so I thought I would share the graphic as its not out in the market yet.

Lancaster Brewing Co is putting out a kolsch in a can.  It will be contracted throught the Lion.

The can thing has caught on big time.

John of Exton Beverage told me they are  doing a can event during Philly Beer Week and they have 18 craft beers in a can now.

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice is now available in cans as well.

Oh and have you tried the Rt. 113 IPA yet? 
It's  hotter than hot cakes.

May 17, 2010

BEER CLUB meets at Bridget Foys this Wednesday

Beer club is at Bridget Foys this week.  (2nd and South)
Wednesday the 19th
7:30-9:30 upstairs @the Copper Bar.
If you've never been  to a meeting before- you should come this week.
We'll be doing some beer trivia with The Beer Fox Carolyn Smaglaski.

We'll be drinking some beers, and watchin' the Phils

Misconduct Tomorrow Night

Quickly-= Tomorrow night is Flight night at Misconduct Tavern  downtown by 15th and Locust.

Ill be doing a beer quiz...handing out some pint glasses, buying some beers and such.
Come by and say hi.

May 14, 2010

Get on it- Kraftwork's Beer Can Chicken Sandwich

I've had a crazy week. But at one point while waiting for  someone, I just had to sit down for an hour, organize my beer week schedule, and fortunately eat this.

Oh and have a few ounces of that delicious Darkhorse Blackbier.  If you see it around you should get on that too.  Although the sandwich would have paired better with a pils.

Talk to Me

It was recently brought to my attention that its difficult to comment on my blog.
I guess that's why I don't get a lot of comments. I changed the settings from open id after someone told me to change my name from beer lass to fat ass.

But its been a while, and at the risk of the not -so -nice guy or gal doin' the same thing, I changed it back.

So comment away.

May 13, 2010

Sly Fox Ice Cream Social @ the Institute this Sat. 7 pm

If I survive the next 48 hours....
meet me at
ICE CREAM SOCIAL @ the Institute
7 pm
I've made three different types of ice cream with
Sly Fox beer.

Come try em out.

AND drink this year's Maibock, Incubus,
O'reilly's Stout and other Sly Fox Delights.

Ill be there at 7.
I believe beer to be tapped earlier;)

Munk and Nunn and other things popping up in the Yunk

Last week the area saw three openings.  Kraftwork and City Tap House were much publicized on blogs and such, but there was another one in Manayunk. An important one considering the lack of craft beer enthusiasm on Main st. in the Yunk. (outside the brewpub, and Flatrock- most of the better beer is up a hill)

Inqy's Insider, Michael Klein first mention the revamp of Zesty on Main St in Manayunk at the end of April here.  They're now open for biz.  Well I guess they never really shut down. Guests just had to sustain some noise from construction and a weird crossover on the taps for a few weeks.

I don't have their total draft lineup. I do know you can get a Pikeland Pils if you want one;)

There are a few pews and  paintings of more pews on the walls.  It's interesting.  And as the cliches goes, you'll have to see it for yourself.

They've overhauled the Greek menu, and now includes a wide range of dishes.  But if you want a gyro or a lamb burger, you're good to go.  You just now have better beer with which to wash it down.

In other Yunker news, the Terrace Taproom has been quietly building their list and a better beer crowd on Terrace St. Sandwiched right between Old Eagle and Dawson St. Pub.  You can follow them on twitter here at  Where you can get updates such as:

Tonight, $10 gets you 3 bottles of beer. Flight America is Boulder Sweaty Betty, Voodoo Pilzilla & Furthermore Fatty.& The European flight option is Fullers ESB, Spaten Optimator & Sammy Smith Nut Brown Ale via HootSuite

They only have five drafts as of now.  And no kitchen.  But bartenders that really care and a mixed bag clientele, which in my opinion always makes for a good bar, e.g. The Flying Pig.

The current Pours
Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat
Victory Golden Monkey
Yards IPA
Ommegang Hennepin Ale
He’Brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah

May 12, 2010

Her Beer Story #2

Right from the mouth of stand up comedian Tara is her beer story:

As much as I'd love to pretend I've been this cool and drinking craft beer for a decade, I can't lie.  I slugged a lot of High Life's and Lite’s back in my heyday, but in reality I'm just approaching my two year anniversary on the craft scene.  A common misconception is that my ginger haired boyfriend turned me on to beer when in fact it was the intelligent, lovely and extremely awesome Jennifer Slavic.  Steve Mashington has just been perfecting it.  Slavic and I became the inseparable South Philly duo to crash all the latest beer events.  Our goal was to find my beer style.  Naturally the usual suspects (Yards, Sly Fox, Flying Fish, etc) were my intro to the massive selection out there in the beer world. 

Then I met Suzy Woods.  (that's me;)

She gave me my first beer assignment and I spent two nights researching beer styles and the process itself.  At this point in my craft beer drinking career I was quite familiar with the Yards selection and used it as a style guide (I was also attempting to woo that sassy red head).  I discovered my love for hops.  I put the wooing aside and began a love affair with all things IPA and hoppy.  I went crazy for Ithaca Flower Power, Victory Hopdevil & anything with IPA written on the label.  I reported to Suzy immediately and became my bible.  For an introductory crash course on beer I found myself in the middle of some awesome teachers who only teach by example; Casey Hughes, Steve Mash & Suzy Woods.

Eventually I branched out and learned more about stouts (drooling just thinking about Exit 1), Belgian ales (Matilda from Goose Island & Ommegang's Abbey Double),  wheats (wow, I was unaware of the subcategories here & could go on with examples) and then I fell in love with smoked beers. I like it smokey and for a hot minute I was all over Spring House's Smoked Porter and the Schlenkerla Rauchbier.  I won't fail to mention the ever tasty perfectly poured beer from the hand pump (mmm ESA). I even traded in my choice of beverage for the Holiest of all South Philly holidays - The Mummer's Parade.  You'll only catch me running around town with a schoolbag full of  Sly Fox Pilsner.  I'm beginning to approach my beverage consumption much like my food intake - no discrimination, well, at least among the craft industry.  I'm partial to certain style more than others but what I've learned from Red is sometimes I just need to put aside a preconceived notion, take a big whiff and a hearty sip of something tasty.  My taste palate changes as some days I just need a big 'ol hearty robust flavor and others I just need something mild yet tasty.  To date, none of my teachers have steered me wrong.

I'm still no expert but I no longer need Slavic to order my beers and I have the ability to make suggestions to others now.

Recently I've delved into the world of cooking with beer.  I'm obsessed with Rauchbier mussels, my infamous South Philly Brawlin’ Bacon Peanut Butter brownies (yes you read that correct, it’s not an Urban Legend) and hopefully soon stout truffles.

I'm a huge fan of beer dinners.  Here's where I think a beer's complexity shines the most.  Here is where you truly pick up each characteristic of the various tastes and ingredients that are described in the beers I enjoy so much.  I have to pay homage to Frank Winslow, who if you haven't attended a beer dinner where he speaks you don't know what your missing,  this guy is a genius.  He's the perfect style guide for your taste buds.   Take a sip of Yard's G.W. Porter after a cherry that's been marinating in it overnight and you'll dance with the sweet wine like characteristic, perhaps its the molasses coming through.  Sip it after a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you're smacked in the face with the deeper chocolate coffee notes.  This is why I love beer.  What about snacking on your favorite blue cheese and washing it down with Exit 16?  Delicious.  The bitterness of the Chinook washing off the salty sharpness, what's not to love?  Oh and it's a double IPA.  I love the aspect of pulling out different notes in the beer according to what you’re eating.

Are we an anomaly?  Yes.  In a positive sense.  We're chicks who broke the norm and are truly unique with even more unique taste buds. If we're a deviation from the Buds & Millers then YES! By all means I am an anomaly.  I truly believe the ladies of Philadelphia represent a large portion of talented women who know and love their beer.  Hail to the mighty IPA club, long live women who enjoy (and sometimes are more knowledgeable than their male counterparts) craft beer!

Cheers, Slainte, Salute,

May 10, 2010

You can tell Joe Gunn has temporarily taken over editorial at Jose Pistolas

After we were done our bit at Ladder 15 on Cinco De Mayo, a few of us ladies headed to Jose Pistolas.
Luckily it had died down a bit from the salt-rimmed madness of early evening.

 I too enjoyed a margarita while reading the beer menu. While Casey Parker honeymoons in Bruge, Jose Pistolas- himself- is taking creative liberties.

Can't wait till Porktoberfest- Village Whiskey's Pork Sammy

I would be doing an injustice to whomever reads this blog, if I held out on posting about Village Whiskeys Pork Sammy to Porktoberfest this year.  For those of you who weren't reading last fall- I celebrate the swine for sixteen days in October,posting about a variety of pork dishes from carnitas to craklins.

The other day after a Phils game, we went to Village Whiskey. My friend John hadn't been there in a while, and I wanted to show support since they pour Sly Fox's Royal Weisse on tap (and use it in their cheese sauce for their duck fat fries).

I usually get the burger,but I am glad I switched it up.  It was the best pork sandwich I have had in recent memory.  Chef Dave Conn tosses the pork in a whiskey barbecue sauce then adds a creamy coleslaw atop.  It was served with fried pickles as a side.

I was full in two bites...but I am going to blame that in over indulging on short rib cheddar fries.

May 8, 2010

Burger Month!

May is Burger Month.
Iron Hill Brewery is doing a burger a day for the month.
ABC's FYI Philly is featuring the brewery Saturday at 7 pm.
They're also doin' a preview bit on beer week. Tune in if you can.

May 7, 2010

Don't Block the Bocks- Johnny Brenda's Bock Fest this SATURDAY- as in Tomorrow

Tomorrow -all day-  Johnny Brendas will be pouring a variety of Maibocks and Doppelbocks.
They also server brunch on Saturdays. I know they'll be pouring the Sly Fox Maibock...which might be the only keg to make it into the city-=-

Fool Circle Bloggers Robert and Brian take home top honors at Dog Fish Head Film Festival

You've probably seen the beer-lovin buddies at a festival or two. But did you know Brian Moore and Robert Desjardin are amateur movie makers on the side? For the second year in a row they competed in DogFish Head's Film Festival.

In 2009 they took 3rd place with "World Wide Clout" and this year they took 1st place with Burton Baton and the legend of the Ancient Ales.

Both videos are worth your 7 minutes featuring the original music of Eric Mitchell and several DogFish Head references.  You can read all about their time at DFH Film Festival on their blog Fool Circle.

You can also catch the others awarded here.



May 6, 2010

Pittakis to be Food and Bev guy for upcoming Headhouse

Bruce Nichols Head house still doesn't have an anticipated opening date...but things are certainly coming together.

Tom Pittakis formerly of Alison 2 and Restaurant M will be head honcho for food and beverage.
He's a talented bartender as well as homebrewer.

You can catch him now at Misconduct.

May 4, 2010

BockFest 2010

Sunday was hot.
Sunday was also a rollicker with goat-filled fun.

Sly Fox kicked 38 barrels of beer (76 half kegs).
We had an estimated 3,000 in attendance.

We took a beer bus out from the city loaded with cans.
People took their first deep delicious sips of Rt 113 in a can.

Dax won- which was our first repeat victor since Brian O'Reilly started the goat races. His runner a Giants fan to the disappointment of the athletic supporters.

Here's our friend Rui Lucas from Iron Abbaye in Horsham.  They had a good showing- coming second place in their heat.

Isn't she Lovely-= Mrs. Casey Parker!

Casey Parker- co-proprietor of Jose Pistolas/ Philadelphia Mag 2009 Bartender of the year answered "I do" on Saturday at the Colonial Dames by Rittenhouse. Kerry Benedict is his bride. 
She's one funny lady.  When she approached the altar she literally said "Lets do this. Go time."
Prior to the ceremony him and his groomsmen did an e-a-g-l-e-s chant.

Welcome Kraftwork

KRAFTWORK officially opens this Friday at Montgomery and Girard in Fishtown...
Photo credit: The one and only beer pusherman, Cameron Saunders

This and That

*Jeff Michaud of Osteria is named James Beard Mid-Atlantic Chef of the Year. If you've never been to Osteria- they have a wonderful beer selection and one of the most competent staffs in the city.

*Kite and the Key has added a few new items to their menu including this here on the left escargot.

*The coming soon "Bottle Shop" has had to move from their original location of 1941 E. Passyunk to 1837.  No official date just yet.  Here's the ladies facebook page...

*The Wishing Well at 9th and Catherine has some great specials lined up.  Like $3 off draft beer on Mondays.  Chef Carmen Cappello also makes a darn good hot dog.  Pictured on the left you can see it covered in chili and a bechamel cheeses sauce. 

Corn you Sock it to Me-= First take on Sweet Corn ice cream

In January- Lance Romance and I hit NYC for the weekend.  The culinary highlight was oddly enough ice cream, even odder that it was corn ice cream.

Lance doesn't mind holding a frozen treat with a frozen hand in the middle of Winter. 

We had just left Blind Tiger in the Village and noticed a little ice cream spot across the street, simply named CoNES.  

I thought he was kidding about stopping there. I thought wrong.  But it was worth it.  It was inspiring. I decided that day I would get an ice cream maker for my birthday in April, a more appropriate month for the consumption thereof.

I got it.  I am taking requests.   The first one had to be for him. So I recreated the corn ice cream.  I had a recipe that called for Half and half, heavy cream, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, Maple syrup and once 16 0z of creamed corn.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing - but it turned out okay.  Slightly more crystallized than I would've like (that was also Lance's only complaint).  The maple syrup contributed a great flavor, very complimentary of the sweet corn.

The 2nd best part of making ice cream is getting to name it for the person I made it for.  Sort of like a beer, or an OPI nail polish (my last color was "Chopstickin to my story.")

This first one, sweet corn- I named "Corn you sock it to me?"  referencing Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In skit.  Here's Nixon on it - apparently the first time a president was ever on a comedy variety show.

May 3, 2010

Chica de Mayo-= Rt. 113 can launch at Ladder 15 this Wednesday

Wednesday is Cinco de Mayo- a celebration of freedom from the French in the village of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  Of course- many americans just use it as a good reason to throw back some Margaritas.

It just so happens to be a In Pursuit of Ale Beer club night.  We're going to launch the  

SLY FOX 113 CANs @
Ladder 15 at 7:30

It's a mixer so men are welcome to join. We'll be in the back area.

Sly Fox 113 cans are $4
Tacos are $4
and Margaritas -if you must;) are a very reasonable $5

Take Your Momma out for a Beer this Sunday

This Sunday- Mother's Day- I suggest you take your momma out for a beer.  Why not?  According to the Brewer's Association there are  125 different style and counting...
Teach her that beer exists beyond the common golden lager.
Perhaps a Unibroue ephemere with a crisp apple accent. A Bells two-hearted IPA with that beautiful floral character?
A chocolate stout? A refreshing saision- paired with a lite bite-illustrate how food and beer can complement or contrast each other.

A few bars I would suggest- lunch at Beau Monde, Bridget Foys, Bridgids, Memphis Taproom, or Ressurection,  Devils Den, The Abbaye, Standard Tap, Teresa's in Wayne or TJS in Paoli.  Or you can stop at the Foodery at 10th and Pine then head to Kanella BYO at 10th and Spruce for Brunch.

Here are a  few words from the Scissor Sisters

May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday C. E. Flatt

Yesterday was my beer buddy Collin Flatt's big day.

I met him at Oktoberfest 2008 and we became fast friends. Lunching, talking about food and beer.
I guess as a writer and teacher that's what he does for a living.

You can read his reviews and ruminations at