August 31, 2010

Tonight: Misconduct releases Punkin Ale 5-7-then.... Friday: Prohibition Tap Room Taps Sly Fox Citra Firkin


I'll be at the beach for 36 hours. 

Prohibition Tap Room taps a firkin of SLY FOX Citra Pale Ale for Happy Hour.
Join me and my hopeful bronze for a couple o' pints.

Bitches Brew Release Tonight @ World Cafe Live


Dogfish Head launches Bitches Brew-a bold, dark beer that's a fusion of three threads imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesho root (from website)
Not sold out.
Open to the Public.

DFH specials run from 5 till 9.

Here's an article covering the music slant from NPR.

August 29, 2010

Jose Pistolas turns tres!

Feliz cumpleanos a Jose Pistolas!

They are celebrating three years of craft beer and margaritas at 263 S. 15th St.

Owned by long time friends Casey Parker and Joe Gunn, the burrito bar has established itself as one of the best bars in the city (of course, I'm biased as hell).

Stop by tomorrow night to raise a pint (or a whiskey) and toast all their hard work.

Saturday Snackin'

I had a rather nice day.

I only left my house once to go to Dibruno Brothers. My intention was to have a sandwich at Paesanos and return home but I remembered I had a $25 Gift Card for Dibrunos so I figured I would spend it.
I thought I would be getting together with some of my other beer girls and snacks would be mandatory.

The boys set me up with a couple cheeses and salami.
The cheese I used was Abbaye de Bellocq-A sheep's milk cheese from the Basque region of France that is made by Benedictine Monks.
The Salami- Finocchiona-think fennel!  I love when salami is sliced so thin. It makes the artery damage seem not so bad.

As soon as I got home, I got smacked with the urge to make pasta.  The night was open (no plans with the girls) and I had plenty of time to knead, refrigerate, cut, dry, and cook.

While the dough was sitting in the fridge- I started up a sauce on the stove.  I was going to make my usual sauce but I had a new ingredient to work with today- spiced garlic.  I sauteed that up with some onions...then added in crushed tomatoes, salt, cracked pepper and some more cracked pepper. A lil oregano, bay leaves, and some red table wine.

When the dough was ready to cut- I realized I have made pappardelle the last 10 times I made pasta.
Time to switch it up.  I thought - why not stuff the pasta with something???

So as odd as it sounds I cut the cheese and salami up and placed them in pasta pockets.  Sort of like dumplings.  I wasn't even that hungry so I only made two.

Admittedly- it was quite a strange thing to do- but I was in a bit of a strange mood.

I followed that up with an evening run, homemade blackberry granita, some kind of Honeysuckle-like miscellaneous tea, and some Iron Chef.

Our Kinds of People- At the Side Door Pub

Here I am with Brian, the manager of the Side Door Pub (as nice as they get) and new friends, Greg and Tom at a Sly Fox promotion on Thursday night.

The gents spent the whole evening talking beer with me.

Greg thinks that O'reillys is going to be the next big thing in Bucks Co. Here's hoping.

Stogie Joes

After hearing much about their pizza pie- I finally headed to Stogie Joes.
I went small square with onions and mushrooms.
 The fungi was fresh- not those scary canned mushrooms.

I made it through two pieces.
It was the third time I had pizza this week, but it varied greatly from that of Domincks in Chalfont and the slice of veggie I had at Allegro on 40th st.

Sauce on bottom, cheese on top, big on bread.

They had Sierra Nevada and Yards Philly pale on tap.
Bottles included Troegenator, Chimay Red, Victory Golden Monkey.

You can also get a variety of pony bottles.  I was tempted to get a high life pony- but I had more work to do.  Next time.
My server Cass was great.  She seemed to really enjoy being on the payroll.  She told me she worked in  some of the best places- but nowhere did they have the concern for fresh ingredients that they had at Stogie Joes.

The word on the Avenue is there's a connection with the Santucci family that has been famous for the square pie since 1959.  The Santucci family will expand once again to 10th and Christian.

August 27, 2010

Last Sunday's kitchen activity: Peach Crumb and Cinnamon Ice Cream

I was reading on twitter (via collin flatt, drew lazor, and adam erace) all about peaches.
So I was inspired and headed to Headhouse Sq market (after a yummy brunch at Adsum )to purchase some peaches myself-=both yellow and white.
They were a little over $1 a pop.

I made a peach crumble- THEN made a cinnamon ice cream to top. 

Next Ice Cream up was rootbeer ice cream. It turned out icier than expected because I tried to use rootbeer instead of rootbeer extract.  Next up is Batch #20....who wants to make a request?

August 26, 2010

Devils Den launches handpump tomorrow night With Sly Fox

Tomorrow night-= Devils Den will launch their new handpump.
They will be pumping standard porter. 
Oktoberfest and Royal Weisse will also be on tap.

I'm still thinking of a prize for the person that kicks the firkin.

Happy hour is 5 till 7;)

It's now the closest handpump to my house.
Can't wait to sit by the fire and have a cask ale this winter.

August 25, 2010

Steak Guy exposed: Im a Gonna Open this Roll with my Greasy Shirt

Lance and I joined Ommegang's Megan Maguire for a Phils game (they won this one thank God) on Friday.
This is the closest I've been to the Phlly Phanatic in years >>>>>>>>>>

We followed that with a nice bite at Catahoula.  I've been there twice now.  They've got a new bar manager, Jackie (recently of Tinto-also engaged to Catahoula's talented chef, Paul Martin) and I forsee great things for them at Front and Fitzwater.

Saturday comes around and Lance is craving a cheesesteak.
I've all but given up on the neon steak scene in South Philly-when people visit I bring them to Paesano's.
But I give in to Lance from time to time.
The man wanted PATS and this would be one of those times.
I refused to join and waited in the Subaru, until I realized he left his phone and he wouldn't know where my car was.
When I join him in a not so bad line- he points out that the steak man is opening the rolls by rubbing them against his grease laden shirt. Start paying close attention around :20.

Just a Few Days left of Lobster Month at Fairmount's London Grill

Throughout the month of August- London Grill has been featuring

a Lobster boil, Lobster Roll, and a Lobster Burger AND SLY FOX cans to wash down the crustacean.

Read more here.

August 24, 2010

Sly Fox Events this Week- take your pick


I will be hanging out with my Cheese friends at Dibrunos 9th st.
pouring Sly Fox Ichor, Black RAspberry Reserve, and Rt. 113 IPA.
The store is 10% off from 5 till 8.

Headed to my home county- Montgomery.
I will be in Chalfont at the Side Door pub- We will be sampling the roasty deliciousness of O'Reilly Stout.  Sly Fox Oktoberfest will also be on draft.  Their pizza rocks!

FRIDAYDevil's Den kicks off their new handpump with a firkin of Standard Porter.
Other Sly will be on tap to boot.
I'll be there from 6 till the firkin kicks?

**Don't forget Black Landlord bbq is on Sunday.

August 23, 2010

Ladies of In Pursuit of Ale=-Cheese is in your future!

This week Sly Fox is the featured brewery at Dibrunos 9th st craft beer Wednesdays.
So head over once you're done work.

I will be there from 5 till 8.
There will be complimentary cheese and beer pairings.
And 10% off anything your purchase.

A pre Phils visit to Lucky 13

I stopped into Lucky 13 before the Phils on Friday. It has been too long considering how much I like it there.

Five people back to back ordered the deconstructed meatballs-=

It is served with a mozzarella slathered baguette.

August 20, 2010

Team Sly Fox takes 2nd place in Bocce Tourney

Iron Hill Wilmington hosted the first local brewery bocce tourney last night.

As mentioned in an earlier post I hadn't tossed a pallino out in about 16 years until last Saturday at my new bocce court at 10th and Carpenter (How convenient that it's also on the same block as my new favorite coffee shop).

But- Corey's gotten a lot of practice in the last week or so and procured two great teammates in Mike and Franny.  Mike has a competitive nature and was determined to win.

We did well.  But Curt Decker and Gordon Grubb of Nodding Head did better and won the grand prize of a Iron Hill jeroboam.

Guess who didn't fare so well... He blames the court.   But then I was able to use his own proverbial words against him "It's a poor carpenter that blames his tools."

A big thanks to Mark Edelson and Kevin Fee for refereeing and hosting.  Twas much fun.

August 19, 2010

Biking to the FoLk FeST!

Lance and I are biking to the Folk fest!

Who's going?
We will only be there Saturday day and will probably have to leave before dusk but hope to see some of you there.

Xochitl on a Thursday

My to do list is very long. Fish, Fond, Zama- Zavino. I have been to Xochitl a few times before but it’s been too long. And I wanted to check out the new “El Sabor” menu. 3 courses for $23. Que una ganga. That fits my budget.

Four of us went-which was perfect. We all picked different options so we could exchange nibs and really have a tasting table.

Guacamole for everyone to start.
Then you pick one first course, and one taco.
You get three tacos with each serving. I went for a chanterelle mushroom and corn empanadas for the first course. Tacos- I went pork cheek.
We also ordered a couple ceviches, and pork rinds showed up courtesy of the kitchen.
The food was excellent.
Thursdays- the whole menu is 50% off after 10.

Beer wise-= you’re looking at mostly Mexican lagers.
I had a Negra Modelo which I thought was the best pairing for what I ordered. Draft is limited to
Dos Equis Lager and Amber, Philly Fleur de Lehigh, and Yards (forget the style).

While I’m writing about amazing values- I’ll make mention of 13th St’s Sampan, Michael Schulson's Japanse spot in Midtown Village.
Mon-Fri Happy Hour 5 till 7. They’ve got tasty little bites for $2 and $3. Everyday they do a $4 beer, a $4 house wine, and a $4 cocktail. I think I ordered two small dishes, had 2 glasses of vino and one ginger ale cocktail of sorts and tipped for $22. Drafts are from Brooklyn, Stoudts, and YARDS.

I'm not sure if TIME still has there Tom Waits cover band on Wednesday nights- but how perfect would that be to start at Sampan then walk 40 feet to TIME....


In the past it was those first sips of chai and busting out the old Penn State hoodie that meant fall had arrived.  Now it’s the welcome of fall beers.   I love dunkels and  brown ales, and you know I love stouts based on the original title of this blog.  I’m happy to see that Sierra Nevada is launching a new fall seasonal this year to replace their anniversary ale.  It’s the tumbler.  I even like the name. When I fall –which happens a lot - I often say, “I took a tumble.”  I was even voted “clumsiest” in the middle school year book
I’m not sure of all the ingreeds.  But it’s got a nice roasted malt character (they even threw in some smoked malt)and is beautifully balanced by Challenger and Yakima hops.  I love it like I love Indian Brown from Dogfish Head. It’s my favorite DFH beer.  And this is quickly becoming my favorite Sierra Nevada.  Pick up a sixer when you get a chance.

Canoe Carnival

My fella grew up in Medford Lakes NJ-=that’s why his opening of the Maple Shade Iron Hill last year was a state homecoming of sorts.
We thought it would be a nice alternative to another night at the bar, so we headed there for a Canoe Carnival last Saturday. We had some time to kill first- so we finally made it to Fuji in Haddonfield for sushi then we got in a game at Medford lanes.

Who knew that Lance Romance was such a great bowler?
He bowled with more finesse than he usually walks with.  I won't tell you the final score because its embarrassing, but I will say one of my nephews may have done a better job.

Back to the Carnival-=every year the town gathers around the main lake – and they show off floats that they’ve been working on for the last 6 months. It’s almost like the mummers on a lake at night.
We went to two different parties on opposite sides of the lake. Both were gorgeous houses, warm people, a nice break from the city scene for the night.

August 17, 2010

Bocce-= I can do this

This Thursday 7  pm I will take to the bocce court- grass- at Iron Hill Wilmington and compete against my local beer industry comtemporaries.

I haven't played bocce since I worked at Peter Becker Nursing Home in 1995.
I would play wheelchair bocce with the folks after lunch.  Not exactly the experience that would make you want to sign up and represent your brewery. 

So we practiced on Saturday. I live right by a bocce court in Bella vista at 10th and Carpenter.
I was shocked by my skill set for the first two hours.  Everyone was even calling me the"ringer"
But once dark hit and I couldn't see the ball and my bladder was fulminating-- I wasn't the best bocce player in the world.  Lance will say, "It's a poor carpenter that blames his tools." 
I say, if you can't see a ball you should let go your ego and  stop playing for the night.

Looking forward to Wilmington on Thursday.
Although the ball will be heavier. At least there will be a restroom near by if needed.

On Sunday we also purchased tennis rackets.  We're quickly becoming pillars of health and fitness.

No really, we are;)

August 14, 2010

As you probably heard-=Monks reopens at 5 pm TonighT

I was at Friday the Firkinteenth when Tom Peters started making his calls about the 5 pm opening this evening.  So it's no longer late breaking news- but hopefully you've heard it, and rearranged your schedule to be there.

The side door will be open at 5 pm.  The front dining room is closed. The back bar and middle dining room will be open.

Only those that know the password are amitted entrance.
And the password is SEPTA.

See you there.  (after I get some bocce in;)

August 13, 2010

Cooking with Sly on Phoenixville DISH- my very own recipes

I submitted a few recipes I made over last weekend to Phoenixville Dish using Sly Fox beers.

Go here to read my 3 dish cookbook.

August 12, 2010

Happy Happy Jennie "Happy" Hatton

Today is Jennie Hatton's birthday-
I think her name comes up daily in conversation. 
Usually with a "Jennie rocks" or an "I don't know how she does it all..."  sort of stuff.

She's more than a PR maven- she's one of the hardest working hardest playing people in Philadelphia.
She's cute, she's savvy, she's always thinkin'-  
What's next? How can we make  rad-radder? What hasn't been done yet?  

She's great with a story, and living her days to constantly create new ones.
Happy Birthday Jennie "Happy" Hatton.

"There are many friendly people in the publicity biz. Jennie is one of the very few in the business that is actually a friend. Come to think of it, "actual" is a pretty good word for her; the real stuff, not an ounce of fake. Happy birthday, Jennie; glad to know ya!"  Lew Bryson

*Not sure who took this picture but I liked it so I used it. If anyone knows I am happy to give credit before my boyfriend accuses me of plagiarism.

August 11, 2010

Who's in the city this Saturday-= SAISON brunch at Johnny Brenda's

Johnny Brenda's has been pretty steady with providing us with interesting brunches: stouts, triples, gospel, etc...

Now's the chance to get into some farmhouse funk during the Saison Brunch.

Actually the funk will only be in the glass because the music will be
French Pop spun by DJ marbles.

Starts at 11 am and goes all day.

Hey beer industry peeps- let's meet up there say 12:30?

Le cochon ne manque jamais de

That means "the pig never fails."
And neither does the BYO- Cochon on the Passyunk diagonal at Catherine St.

If I went there as often as I'd like to- I would never sell any beer.  The food and service are superb.

I hadn't seen my best friend Johnny in a couple of months- he's nearly replaced actually.
But I ran into him at our favorite chain store, "Five Below" and decided I would give him the opportunity to salvage our friendship with a brunch double date.

I'm taking it super easy on the beer/beverages for the month of August so there was no need to meet up at a bar.  I thought why not Cochon the BYOB.  And Johnny thought, Why not bring my Daily's Bloody Mary in a Box?

JGT arrives on the scene with the bloody mary-in-a-box-that got damp when put in a cooler- and is now secured with electric tape. There's classy - then there's Johnny Goodtimes, the International Man of Leisure tm

I've been on a slight health kiick lately (slight is the key word here). So I opted for the crab frittata which was simple yet delicious- a substantial amount of lump crab meat, English peas, and tomatoes. No cheese, no meat- just the way I am trying to convince myself I like it.

The rest of the table was ready to embrace Le Cochon.
Lance and Johnny got Eggs Cochon- Gene Guiffi's take on Eggs Benedict- he actually places the poached eggs over a pancetta bread. mmmm. Colby- Johnny's lady friend got the Monte Cristo- which might be the best in the city. Look at that thing.
Lastly=let us not forget that Cochon got best new BYO in Philly 2008.  

Follow Chef Giuffi on twitter here.

P.O.P.E. beats out Johnny Brenda's in Bar Softball

I headed to 5th and Master last night to support the POPE in softball. It was their 2nd to last game of the season.  They have lost 13.  I saw some talent last night so I'm not certain why they have such a poor record.

Their coach alluded to the fact that they drink more than any other team.
I'm not sure if that's true because Sly Fox sponsors Standard Tap's softball team and they go through two cases a game.  How many players are on the team? You do the math.

But last night despite the throwback-it was a 9-8 victory for the South Philly Bar against Johnny Brenda's in what has been titled the "hipster world series."

Pope led the majority of the game. JB's snuck up with a great top of the 9th but not enough.

At first I wasn't sure who to root for because they are two of my favorite bars. I was a bit bipolar because I wore a JB's tank top under my button down, but then sat on the POPE side.

The POPE is now 2-13. Their last game is tonight in South Philly.  Let's hope they can finish the season at 3-13. 

August 10, 2010

In Pursuit of Ale sitting by the fire at City Tap House tomorrow night

Ladies of In Pursuit of Ale will gather round the fire at
City Tap House starting at 7:30 manana.

For $25 inclusive- ladies will try 5 different dishes (not full portions of course) with different beers.  You can check out a spreadsheet of their beers here....
The tasting menu includes:

*Macaroni and Cheese Squares
*Mini Reubens
*Bliss Potatoes with Filet and Valdeon bleu
*Glazed Shrimp 
they're even throwing in a << (Their pizzas rock)  Fun fact: did you know the word margherita meant daisy?

This meeting is still open to any ladies.
Please RSVP by tomorrow morn so I can give a final count.

Don't forget about "Charlie and the Sausage Factory" this Saturday at the Institute

From the Institute's site:

Let the jokes fly.  Go ahead.  
Then get your collective behinds to our place for a collaboration with Brauhaus Schmitz.  They have been kind enough to have their stellar chef Jeremy make us sausages for your eating enjoyment. 

We'll have a German potato salad and some other items as well.  Our full menu will be availible.  
On tap for the day?  Smoked beer.  
Our draught list will focus on quality over quantity and will include offerings from Stone, Victory, Furthermore and a few others. 

Friday the Firkinteenth is Upon Us!

From the G Lodge's web site:

  • Arcadia IPA Ale
  • Arcadia Whitsun Sale
  • Cricket Hill Colonel Blide (English bitter)
  • Dock Street Summer Session
  • Dogfish Head 75 Minute India Pale Ale
  • Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale (Citra hopped)
  • General Lafayette IPA
  • Iron Hill Pig Iron Porter
  • Lancaster Amish 4 Grain
  • Lancaster Milk Stout
  • Manayunk Specialty Ale (black IPA)
  • Manayunk Specialty Ale (gold ale)
  • Nodding Head Seasonal Ale (hoppy golden ale brewed with Belgian yeast)
  • Philadelphia Select Ale (farmhouse ale)
  • Prism Bitto Honey IPA (naturally carbonated with fresh local honey)
  • Riverhorse TBA
  • Six Point Righteous Ale (rye)
  • Sly Fox Chester County Bitter
  • Sly Fox Standard Porter
  • Stillwater Stateside Saison
  • Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale
  • Stoudts Scarlet Lady ESB (oaked)
  • Stoudts Abbey Triple ( blended with Double IPA)
  • Troegs Hopback Amber (dry hopped with bravo)
  • Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter (dry hopped with bravo) Really Looking forward to this- SW
  • Victory Limited Ale (English bitter)
  • Victory Limited Ale (single hopped citra pale ale)
  • Weyerbacher Autumnfest
  • Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale (dry hopped with citra)

  • tapping begins at 9am. It's a breakfast Firkinteenth.
  • Our kitchen will open at 9am serving a special breakfast menu. At 11am our full menu will be available. For the Firkinteenth, all food service will be 2nd floor only.
  • We are hoping for 30 firkins since this is the only F13 of 2010. Looks like we are at 29, hopefully we'll find a couple more too.
  • With 29 firkins, we should have cask ale going until at least 9pm. Time permitting Scoats will be updating the news page and tweeting throughout the day with cask status.
  • 7 firkins will be pouring at any time (except when we get down to less than 7), tapping a new one as one kicks. The order of the casks will be random, but hey there should be no stinkers in the line-up.
  • Casks tapped/on deck/kicked will be updated on our news page throughout the day.

Twitter's a weird thing sometimes.

I wrote about a potential splinter and suddenly 2-----2! people unfollowed me instantly.

I guess I should keep it to all beer all the time-=and leave my foot ailments to myself?

Oh Dear! Septa Bus hits Monks 1:40 am. Nobody seriously injured. They'll hopefully reopen within 2 weeks at latest

Wow- not the news I expected to wake up to this morning.
A SEPTA bus crashed into the front of Monks after having an incident with a  Port Authority SUV.
Publican Tom Peters was there on the scene.
As expected, he does a great job fielding questions from NBC's Justin Pizzi in this interview.

You can see the time is 5:02 in the morning.

License and Inspections will be there this morning to assess the building.
We Love Tom, Fergie,and Monks.  They'll reopen asap.

In the meantime if you were craving mussels, burgers and tasty beers, don't forget Grace Tavern, Fergies, Belgian Cafe and Nodding Head-=

N.B.  Michael Klein first broke this -I noticed it on twitter. He has official report here.

August 9, 2010

Do Ya

Those who have hung out with me in the past two months, know I have gained an affinity for the 1976 rock and roll hit "Do Ya."

Lance makes fun of me that I am now just diggin' on the song that was popular before I was born.
I don't care.

"Do Ya" changes the party.  You could be throwing back some beers, enjoying the company of friends, or strangers, and that first chord comes on and things are just a little more fun.

I love a song that can do that.

So I was determined to get in on vinyl.  As much as I love flippin through records I don't always have the time.  So I went on about a month ago and ordered Electric Light Orchestra's jam on vinyl.  I got that and Jesus and Mary Chain's 21 singles  for $21.95.

I waited and waited for them to arrive via the post.  After a week and a half I wrote a love letter to the sender asking where they were.

He said they were to ship the next day.  Three days later I check my mail and find a puffy white envelope approx 5 by 5.

I kept them and uploaded them to itunes.  But I still wanted both on Vinyl.

Then yesterday- I am walking back from Dibrunos when I notice that Molly's Bookstore right by me has records. And there it was - "A New World Record" on vinyl. for $4.95.

And in the sleeve was this T-shirt advertisement.  Only $4.95!

I think I've posted the song here before- but I'll do it again.

August 7, 2010

Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Dating someone from Medford Lakes has its homemade chocolate covered blueberry clusters...and Canoes Carnivals (that's later tonight- pics tomorrow)

August 6, 2010

Brits diggin' on US Beers at Great Britain Beer Fest

UK Beer Writer Melissa Cole catches a couple clicking pics of "American Beer" at the Great Britain Beer Fest.

She titled her tweet "American Beer Porn"

Note-= there's some Mirror Pond, left hand, rogue, big eye IPA, Sierra Torpedo and Lagunitas Maxiumus

You can see a list of other "foreign" beers here

Melissa is a wonderfully witty woman who also seems to love pork as much as I do.
You can follow her musings at "Taking the beard out of beer."

August 5, 2010

Sly Fox at Canals Lawrenceville this SATURDAY 2 till 4

I will be headed North in the Subaru this Sat to Lawrenceville, NJ from 2 till 4.

I'll be pouring samples of Sly Fox, and growlers are available for purchase of Royal Weisse, Saison, Pikeland Pils, as well as our Phoenix Pale Ale- all of which oddly enough aren't seen often in the Garden State.

The Canals does a great job there. It's a beaut of a store.  I hope people in the area can come out- and gents bring your ladies so I can chat beer with them too-=

Then I am off to a Canoe Parade in Medford.
I've never been to a canoe parade...

Batch 14: Rosalita

It's been two weeks since I made a batch of  ice cream.

I've had Rosalita in the works for some time.
Pink Peppercorn and Smoked Sea Salt (which also has a pinkish/salmon hue) thus "Rosalita."
I thought about naming all my frozen concoctions after Bruce Springsteen songs...but decided I would not-though- you can most certainly anticipate a take on "Rocky Road" called....

I also purchased these fancy insulated ice cream holders which makes transporting it as a solid rather than sweet sludge much easier. 

Next time I think I will add more peppercorn and perhaps have a chocolate base.  A shout out to Dibruno Brothers- who once again provided inspiration.

Here's the boss performing "Rosalita" 1978

"My tires were slashed and I almost crashed but the Lord had mercy
My machine- she's a dud, I'm stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey"