January 24, 2011

2010 Rewind with Photos- why not 25 days later? And sorry- but it's only until July.

I had the 2010 year in review half done and got busy.
I found it in "drafts" and figured I  might as well post it.  Hopefully this year- I'll be more on top a year in review and you'll get 12 months before January 1.  I also didn't do a "best of" for the first time in a couple years either. I guess my rewind for Philly Beer Scene counts?

2010 has wrapped up. I spent all day cleaning and now when I should be snoozing-I'm finally going to post some pictures that capture the times of the year.

February 5 through the 7 -the city was frozen.  My car was trapped outside Race St. Tavern for days. I remember one that Saturday a bunch of us ladies met up at the Khyber.  The Raging Panda and her friends made snow angels  right on Chestnut St. My little sister joined us and left to "meet a friend for a cup of coffee" which later translated into an inked-beaker on her upper left arm courtesy of Old City Tattoo.

Every year Lance and I celebrate Valentines Day our way, and enjoy the ways of Charm City.  We attend MAx's Taphouse Belgian Beer Fest. We take the train down on Friday morning.  And get there just in time for the fest to begin.  We find our area to camp out in for the day and usually run into some beer folk like my ASN publisher Tony Forder.  We always make it a point to go to Todd Conners (owned by PennStaters) and One-Eyed Mikes, where we are members of the esteemed Grand Marnier club.

One week later, I take on the role of MTV reality star Snooki to support Lance Romance at his "Situation" release party.  He has been brewing a Golden Barleywine for  years but didn't really have a name for it.  So he decided that it was "strong, golden, and had a big nose," and should be named after the Jersey Shore character, Mike- known as the Situation.  he then altered the beer with accompanying beers including, "A Dark situation" and "A Situation Past" Andrew Rutherford of YARDS and I won jeroboams of Russian Imperial Stout for being best dressed. I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror.

February is also the month I got into making my own pasta.
This is a picture of my first batch of Fettuccine. After that I made mostly Pappardelle.  I roll the pasta till it's dangerously thin, then I hand slice it with my chef knife making wide noodles.  It's my favorite thing to do, well besides making ice cream- and selling beer.

To me March means I'm going to drink a lot of Seamus and O'Reilly's stout. It also means that Wendy of Dogfish Head and Megan Maguire of Ommegang are going to stir up some trouble in Atlantic City during the AC beer fest weekend. We always head back toward the Expressway with a story or two that no one will find funny but us.  This year it was lost hotel room keys and a cankle that was iced down for $18.There was also me getting out of a cab and spilling all my business cards right in front of the convention center and picking up every last one, while laughing and questioning, "Why me?"   Wendy recounts the story a few times a month.
April was Chicago.  My first trip. I had an amazing time. Great jazz clubs, awesome food, a lost camera, and a booby-flashing hot dog stand that my prudish self became a regular at during my 96 hours there.
In May, Casey Parker gets married to long-time lady-friend Kerry at the Colonial Dames.  He has firkins at his wedding.  As expected Joe Gunn told the infamous story about their 2nd date when a lion peed on Casey.  To the guests' delight, it was the extended version.  Casey and Kerry are expecting their first child next spring. Joe's expecting his 3rd of 7 this year as well.

In June- I discover Bistro La Minette. A mere 6 blocks from my house.  Right at 6th and Bainbridge. If you want an amazing French meal that doesn't rob your checking account....this is it.

In July- Lance and I take a trip to the Lehigh Valley and visit 6 hot dog places in 24 hours.  If we had gone to one more.... 

I have been admiring Dibrunos Bros for years, but with my move to the Italian Market- I have gotten to know the mongers quite well. And they've all added to my quality of life-=- It could be a Beer and Cheese pairing offered by Hunter, a book recommendation from Zeke, a Tom Waits anecdote from Ian, or a Matt story of growing up in Tennessee- they're special guys.

 In May- FYI Philly featured the Beer Club eating Shame burgers at the Wishing Well. Shame on you if you haven't tried on by now. Burger, Scrapple, Cheese, Fried Egg.

In July- I got to spend the day golfing with some Fairmount publicans, Jeff Keel and Jake Hampson, Joe Carrol,owner or Franklin Beverage and Evan Clancy.  I was good for about 16 holes, then I retired.  Looking forward to some more time on the greens with the guys this year.  Jeff Keel is an awesome golfer. I am an awesome consumer of cans of Pikeland Pils while watching him golf.

More Later.

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