January 4, 2011

2nd Annual In Pursuit of Ale Beer Club POTLUCK @ YARDS 1.27.11

Hey Beer Club Ladies-=

Our 2nd annual POTLUCK is scheduled for Thursday January 27th once again at YARDS Brewing co. on Columbus Blvd.

Last year, a YARDS employee, Steve-O saw the amazing spread on the table, and he was like -What's going on here, " bring your own shit party?"
Sort of Steve.
So bring a dish- incorporate beer if you like.
Please email me your dish at beerlass@gmail.com

We'll need items both hot and cold. Consider the crock pot.
Desserts, Salads, Large meat dishes like Roast Pork ( I got that actually).
If you don't feel like cooking, and want to be the silverware fairy- that's just fine.

Once again- guys are welcome.

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