January 18, 2011

Hey Ambler- You Have Got Yourself a Brewpub-=Welcome Forrest and Main Brewery and Pub!

By the end of Spring, you could be sitting at the bar at the Forrest and Main Brewery and Pub enjoying a beer.

Expect old world style ales, artisan breads and seasonally inspired dishes in this 19th century Victorian House. 

There are two ambitious young men behind this great development in Montgomery County's beer scene.  Daniel Endicott and Gerard Olson -a name you might recognize from his four years at McKenzies brewhouse (Yes, during the time of those gold medalling saisons under Ryan Michaels).

Daniel studied traditional British brewing techniques at the University of Sunderland’s BrewLab, in North East England.  The duo will combine talents to brew English-style session beers, farmhouse barrel-aged beers, and a variety of seasonal one-offs. 

The kitchen will offer house made artisan breads to accompany the seasonally inspired, locally sourced dishes.  Together, the food and beer will be served in a wholly unique setting, bringing to mind the quaint neighborhood pubs of Britain and inspiring cafes of France. 

**I've gotten to personally know Dan over the years- first through the Beer Judge Certification program that we were enrolled in in 2007, then through my old roommate.  She would have the nicest things to say about him, such as "You know- he could do whatever he wanted to the fullest extent, and I think he wants to do beer."  
She would go on about his handcrafted tap system in his basement pouring forth all his delectable homebrews.
Well it was time for him to take the show on the road- or roads being the intersection of Forrest and Main.  

What else:
*Closed Mondays

*dinner for now, with day time hours on the weekends for Saturday lunch and a traditional British-style Sunday Roast. They're also planning on doing once a month chef's tables.
*7 barrel system - the bulk of it coming from New Hampshire- two open fermenters for the British styles, and two closed for the Belgian ones. 
*Beers will premiere at Philly Craft Beer Fest on March 5th!

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