January 23, 2011

Just another Monday- Bridgid's bar patrons

There were some interesting characters at Bridgids last week.

There was "Navy Billy" -Who I've seen and served before. Last time I tried to stop him from pairing a Philly Pale ale with a brisket chili- I thought the Brawler would be a better fit. This time he was celebrating the Connecticut's Victory over Villanova with 6 Weyerbacher Novembers.  He was nice, animated but not annoying in the least. He talked about the beer biz and his lady friend.  Next thing I know- he asks me to play Peter Gabriel's "In your Eyes." I tell him that didn't make the iPod cut.  I remember that I have my laptop with me and offer to play it for him on youtube.
There's hardly anyone at the bar so I'm not really bothering to many people with the Say Anything song. He's singing his version of it out loud.  There were oddly a few "what- what bitches" thrown in.  Almost as though he was rapping.
Then on the opposite side of the bar, sits Tony Gatta, who tells me he's celebrating his 19th birthday for the fourth time. Not knowing anything about my  background, he starts talking to me about homebrewing.  He said he hadn't brewed in 30 years but recalls a beer he made with a champagne yeast in the early 80s. He even started talking about George and Nancy of Home Sweet Homebrew.  The last beer he had made was a barleywine which he bottled it in 22 oz.  He still has some and told me he would bring me a bottle. I asked him what his favorite song was. And he said without a doubt it was- "Bluebird of Happiness" recorded by Jan Pearce. I found it on youtube for him and played it.  He said when he was coming of age- there was a radio program that played the classic tune every single day at 6 am.

He said a lot of cute stuff. One of the things I liked was- "Gilligan's Island---now that was reality tv before reality tv."

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