January 13, 2011

LOCAL 44 Clothing Drive next Monday for Victim's of Monday's West Philly Fire

From the Local 44 Folks:
Clothing Drive Monday January 17 to Benefit Fire Victims

Dear Local 44 Community,

As you probably know, a massive fire destroyed the Windermere Court
Apartments at 48th and Walnut Streets Monday displacing more than 100
residents.  Local 44 would like to try to make a little difference in
the lives of the folks who suffered so much loss right around the corner
from us.

Join us MONDAY, January 17 from 4-6pm for a clothing drive to benefit
anyone in need at the moment.

You live in the neighborhood and have some winter clothes that you're
done with? Bring them on over.

You used to have an apartment around the corner and are considering
whose couch to crash on next? We'll have some clothes to get you through
the weeks ahead.

Expect tables out front on Spruce Street from 4-6pm. Come ready to
search for what you need. Supervision will be limited, this is just a
low key way to help some neighbors in need. Anything left after 6pm will
be donated to a local shelter.

(*Please note: If you plan to bring clothing over, please consider that
many other places will take your 'on it's last leg' rags...the purpose
of this clothing drive is to help get folks clothes that are in decent
shape, and right for the season for their immediate needs.)

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