January 10, 2011

Worth Steaking Out :Steve's Prince of Steaks

Yesterday Lance and I decided we would take advantage of The Dump clearance and head to Levittown to buy a couch.  It was our first major purchase together.  He is undoubtedly going to spend more time on it than me so I knew I would have to make some concessions. But a few things were firm.

I didn't want leather.
I didn't want beige.
I didn't want one more piece of hunter green furniture in the house.
I didn't want to spend a ton.

We agreed on an espresso leather (so much for putting my foot down) couch with a chaise on one side that also reclines on the other side. It was $500 off-so we bought it and it'll be delivered next Sunday.

Right in front of The Dump parking lot happened to be the 3rd location of Steve's Prince of Steaks. I had always wanted to go there since I saw the documentary in 2008, "This is my cheesesteak."

They had also taken Philadelphia Magazine's top cheesesteak honors in 2007.
As Philly Mag states,
"If Steve’s Prince of Steaks had a South Philly location, there would no longer be a Pat’s-vs.-Geno’s feud, because both would, quite possibly, be run out of town. Steve’s service is smooth and friendly, without any ordering protocol; the steaks are just greasy enough, with hand-trimmed rib-eye slices grilled whole, not chopped into oblivion."

They were so right.   Next time you need some furniture--head 25 miles north to the Dump. Get a cheesesteak at Steve's then drive 5 minutes back towards Philly and have a beer at the Hulmeville Inn.

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  1. Three locations? I only knew of the NE one, which I frequently go out of my way to visit! I have to look this up now, thanks for the info!