February 22, 2011

And here's the lineup for Kite and Key's Whole Foods "Cheese Makes Me Happy Hour" with Sly Fox and Dogfish

The beers will be served at happy hour prices- quite reasonable. some for $2.50 and $3. Beers like the Red and White only $5.50/gls and 750 ML Bottles of Ichor for only $11.
 The Cheese will be at stations and all complimentary thanks for our friends at Whole FOODS.
 see you at 6 pm


Uniekaas Reserve
An aged gouda with sharp and sweet notes; perfumey and reminiscent of butterscotch.Pair with a brown ale or dark lager • Slyfox Ichor & Dogfish Indian Brown
Jasper Hill Cabot Clothbound                                               
  A handsome natural rinded traditional cheddar. Bandaged with muslin and  aged a minimum of 10 months at the Cellars at Jasper Hill, as part of an artisan cheese partnership. It has all the characteristic texture of English-style cheddar w/ the sweet caramel & milky flavors that sets it apart on the counter • Slyfox Odyssey & Dogfish 75min
Cypress Grove Purple Haze                                                      
Lavender buds mixed with wild harvested fennel pollen lend an addictive, sweet flavor. Wonderful as a dessert with honey and almonds, or in a main dish with lamb. • Goat’s Milk • Pasteurized • Slyfox Saison VOS
 This delicious blue has great balance and complexity. Try crumbled in a salad or as a dessert with Port wine. • Cow’s Milk • Pasteurized • Slyfox Ichor & Dogfish Indian Brown
Bruder Basil                                                                                                 
 A semi soft German smoked cheese made with cow’s milk. Great melting cheese adds a natural smoked flavor to any dish. Great for potato gratin • Slyfox Dunkel
Frateli Medoro                                                                                
 Sheep’s milk cheese similar to Pecorino, but dryer with a mineral finish. From Sardinia • Slyfox Dunkel
Aged Mahon                                                                                              
 While the firm consistency and sharp flavor of an aged Mahon are ideal for grating, it is traditionally served as an appetizer with a sprig of fresh rosemary and brushed with olive oil. • Cow's Milk • Pasteurized • Slyfox Odyssey & Ichor
Rogue River Blue Wrapped in Grape Leaves                     
Rogue River Blue cheese is handmade only during the autumnal equinox and winter solstice from Brown Swiss and Holstein cows. They are wrapped in Syrah and Merlot grape leaves previously macerated in Clear Creek pear brandy • Dogfish Midas Touch
St. Agur                                                                                                                
  A medium strong creamy blue cheese, made from cow's milk in Auvergne. It is excellent with full bodied red wines, great on bread for a snack or in a salad. Hard to find and extremely likable. Could be used as substitute for Gorgonzola in sauces when Dolcelatte is out of season or too strong. The cheese has a very strong and spicy taste when ripens • Dogfish 75min

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