February 7, 2011

Bottom's Up?

Philly's Wells Fargo stadium has launched the fastest beer dispenser in the world.
It fills two cups at one time from the bottom. A magnet (sounds frightening) is pushed up then set back in place when you move the cup away from the system. Unless the imbiber pushes up on the small circular magnet, the beer will stay in place. Of course the cups have Budweiser logos on them (other breweries will have sponsorship opportunities.)  Wells Fargo has a huge exclusivity contract with the King  of Beers for the majority of the stadium if not the entire stadium.
Check it out.  Nice how the spokesperson says "no foam" as in thinking a headless beer is attractive.

If you care to learn more....

The website lists the following as benefits:

  • Improves speed-of-service increases customer satisfaction and sales
  • World’s fastest beer dispensing system
  • Reduces draft beer waste, saving money and time
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Product consistency
  • Grow sales in good times, reduce labor costs and inventory in slow times
  • Reduces the stress and cost of “foamy beer problems” to management through GrinOn’s rapid education system that conveys valuable steps for volunteer and service labor to take without calling management for solutions
  • Novelty that won’t wear off

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