February 24, 2011


Scheduling soo many events in the year- there's a constant anxiety about bodies in bars and butts in seats.  The more the merrier is definitely applicable when it comes to planning an event with a few different people, be it breweries, galleries, or in our case last night- a Grocer.

With Kite and Key, Whole Foods, Sly Fox and Dogfish promoting our group beer and cheese happy hour- we  had a packed bar.  The mongers came up with awesome pairings.

I posted the pairings yesterday. Perhaps you could take a look and recreate it in your very own home.

In other cheese news---my buddies at Dibruno Bros have reinstated their Wednesday Craft Beer Happy Hours.
Stay tuned for who's pouring what when.

Hope everyone's having a great day. 


  1. Great cheese selection and awesome beers!