February 7, 2011

Food and Beer Pairing: Dunkel and Sliders at Varga Bar

If you know me- you know I love pairing food and beer. I am always thinking about what I want to drink with my dish. One of my favorite "food beers" is Dunkel Lager. I was really happy when NY Times Eric Asimov wrote about the style (and even happier that he included Sly Fox at #9) last month. And he makes a good point-they're hard to market to the public.  I love dunkels=they're not too heavy with roasted notes that go perfectly all things once walking and/or smoked. It could even complement a chocolate souffle.

I think these dark beers might need sexier names in marketing.  If something has a catchy name (or taphandle) people will order it regardless of style.

I make my meatballs with them. My red sauce with them. I even made a dunkel lager ice cream over the summer for an event at the Institute with Ferrero Rocher Hazlenut Chocolates. 

Next time you're in the east of Center City area- head to Varga Bar and get the sliders and order a can of Sly Fox Dunkel.

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