February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Casey Parker!

Casey still standing. Sort of. Thinkin' late night Beer Week of '09
Casey Parker's birthday is today.
He makes "Steak in a glass" bloody mary's.
He will sing on command.
He will wear his hair how he pleases. (I've seen at least three stages.)

He loves the Eagles.

He is the essential entertainer of Philly bartenders.  No one sits at his bar just once.
He taught me how to bartend.

A li'l history.
Casey started washing dishes at Fergies while he was at the University of the Arts.
He kept moving up the rungs till he was a head bartender and ran the Open Mic night.
He would move on to Khyber where I would meet him.
First time I met his acquaintance- he was charming the whole bar, blasting the Beatles "Got to get you into my life."
Down for the count moments later. Hopefully he finds these funny.
He made such an impression on me- that when I found out he was moving on to manage the Royal Tavern I went out and bought him a La Roja. Jolly Pumpkin had just entered the market and I thought it would be a nice treat.  He told me "Don't walk- run to get this beer."  He brought me in to work at Royal and we've been buddies ever since.

It was a real treat watching him and his bestman Joe Gunn open Jose Pistolas in August of 2007.  They opened with a few credos-- no red bull, no car bombs, treat your staff like they're the world's greatest.

They've built up such a regular crowd since then.  People love sipping on a good beer while watching a game, but they really love the man that's pouring it for them.
And that man is expecting a baby boy mid-spring with his kick-ass wife Kerri.

A Happy Birthday to Casey Freakin' Parker. 

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