February 14, 2011

Happy Valensteins!

My Pops calls it "Valenstein's" so now I do as well. 
After all relationships can be frightful.
Growing up - this was a big deal day in the house.
We always got our red foil wrapped Russell Stover Chocolate heart.  The heart increased in size as we did. (much more enjoyable than St. Patricks's when our whole lunch consisted of green items).
Modern day- it's significant for me -because it's how Lance Romance got his name.
We had just started secretly dating before V-day- so he turbo-boosted the charm with some jazz and Rochefort 10.  I used to write "Ginger Thursdays" for the Johnny Goodtimes website and first mentioned the chap after Valentines Day-that's when Johnny nicknamed the brewer Lance Romance.  I wrote:
"At least things are on the up and up in the co-ed department as I have had not one, but two "dates" in the last week. And, get this, they're with the same lad! Perhaps me being forced to sit down and think of what I want in a perspective valentine put me on the radar for cupid's arrow. I'll keep you up to date on that situation. But his recently revealed affinity for Sublime and Violent Femmes just might halt the "love connection" before date number three. "

Four years later- tonight we were scheduled to dine at MeMe then take in the Hoots and Hellmouth at the Tin Angel.  I didn't realize we had to be at Tin Angel at 7. So our 6:30 ressie on the opposite side of the city wouldn't work. So I just had to cancel it.  Pretty bummed. Now we will try to find some romance on 2nd st closer to the show. I'm thinking a beer at City Tavern then Sassafrass??

If you're headed to a BYO- consider pairing dessert with Sly Fox Black Raspberry Reserve.

If you're still looking for ideas- I saw this on CBS-looks fun- and the weather should be just dandy-
Sweetheart Skate
Blue Cross RiverRink
Columbus Blvd. at Market St.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Feb. 14 6 – 9 p.m.
$20 per person (includes skate rental)
215-923-6533 or email riverrink@delawareriverwaterfrontcorp.com for tickets

Brush up your pairs-skating skills and head to the RiverRink’s Sweatheart Skate. Ladies get a complimentary red flower, and with a DJ, photo “keepsakes,” and prizes handed out by the CW Philly crew and B 101, it’s almost like the prom all over again. Without the bad hair and ugly dress. And on ice.

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