February 1, 2011

P.M.A. sponsored by Jonathan Richman

My 7th grade teacher- Mrs. Magnavita was  a stern one.  Granted-it was parochial school- which is synonymous with detention, rear-smacking rulers (though before my time) and an overall knack for discipline and manners.
One of her "things" was the PMA jar.
I've heard of swear jars before, and dunce caps and things of that sort but P.M.A. jar?
It stood for Postive Mental Attitude- and every time a student said something negative-they were out .25 cents.  I know I must have missed a couple of days of the pretzel bag because of my own contributions. 

This morning I was thinking -I would have made a few recently.  I think the winter gets us all down. I've been sick for a few days and feeling overall kind of cruddy. So I turned to Jonathan Richman for a little lamp-lighting.  And maybe he'll illuminate this doldrum February 1st for you too. If you're a JR fan- he's coming to Philly-First Unitarian Church- March 1st. $17.50.

Morning of Our Lives

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