February 22, 2011

Suzaru poor Suzaru- Victim of a Trash Truck Hit and Run

Unfortunately over the last two years, my car has been a regular subject of conversation. Co-workers, accounts, friends and family  ask how the '97 teal Subaru outback is doing before they find out about its owner.  She's got 214 miles and I've only got 32 years so I see the concern.

There's a long list of repairs and mechanics. I could scan in all the maintenance reciepts but that would take too long. There was South Philly Mike (who of course called me Susan) Chinese Don, Pinto Eddie..
Last time I had to take her  in was 8 days before Christmas when the check engine light (which had of course been on for two months) started pulsing. Orange and pulsing.That alarmed me just a bit more. Pinto Eddie smiled as I paid him another $278 and said- "kiddo this car was operating on 3 cylinders= now I got you on 3.5. Hopefully it makes it through the winter kid- but 2011 you're gonna get yourself a new car" (who's buying?).

The passenger side mirror has been drilled in twice. Once by Casey Hughes of Flying Fish. That lasted several months- then Ricky- one of  our talented brewers noticed it while I was at the brewery one day and put three more screws in it. That thing wasn't moving.

The car is all but falling apart. I think Pinto Eddie is right. But apparently she's not going away with out a few more dinks.

Today I got out to my car assuming a ticket will be on the snowy window underneath the just replaced windshield wiper that's frozen to the glass. No ticket. Phew. I walk around to the other side of the car and see my right front mirror dangling. Curious. I don't get that upset because I've been here before and I will just get some apoxy from friend Wendy or some screws from Casey and it should last me for the remaining months with my car.  I have to take care of it by tomorrow because I have to drive to Hunterdon Co. for a VIM (very imp meeting). Then I see someone has left me a love letter. I just assumed it was from the crasher. But-no -An eye witness!!!

"I saw your car get hit by a trash truck. And take off"

This nice citizen Rich- included the truck number, license plate, and Company-Allied Waste Management.

I called and the director of Operations at AWM but he had left for the day.  So then Lance romance instructed me to call 911.  "Vigilappy" as we liked to call him says, "This is a crime,and it needs to be reported." I agreed-after all it is a city vehicle to boot. It takes the cops an hour to get there.  I was freeeeeeeeeeeezing.
We fill out the report and I move on with my night.  I will call back tomorrow and share an update.

Look how happy this guy is? Does he not know of his faulty drivers? Oh- he's probably still smiling from the 5.5 million dollar stimulus Allied Waste was awarded in 2010.

And the MOST curious thing-It's not even TRASH day...


  1. I'm not defending Allied Waste here, but it was out on the streets on a non-trash day most likely because they service private accounts. At a previous job, I'd hired them to be our private waste disposal company. Hopefully Vigilappy and Suzy "Nora Charles" Woods get justice :)