February 24, 2011

The Younger is coming, the Younger is coming...Monks Cafe and Khyber Pass Procure a Sixtel but Pass On the Profits

Russian River's Pliny the Younger (triple IPA) has arrived in Philadelphia. And the events are starting to be planned.

Monks will host one of their  Mad Mondays featuring the 4th annual Russian River day.

From Tom Peters:
As always, things kick off at 11:30AM.  You really need to be here early for the event.  Yes, we do have one sixtle of Pliney The Younger.   We figure that there will be around 50 glasses of Younger available.  

We are charging a ridiculous amount ($15) for a glass of the Younger, but 100% of those sales goes to charity.   We will pour the Younger at 11:20AM so it is ready to serve when you walk in the door.  Please have your $15 in cash ready - exact change will be very helpful.  We want everyone to be able to relax and not go crazy about whether you will get a glass of Pliney The Younger. 

We figure to raise $750 from the sale of the Younger and Monk's will add $250 to bring the donation to $1,000.  ***THIS JUST IN:  Natalie & Vinnie just told me they are going to kick in an extra $250 to the charity, so feel free to pay $20 for the Younger - it will ALL go to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.  Let's try to raise some serious cash for this worthy charity. 

Khyber Pass Pub has figured out a way to do away with lines and crowds while draining their sixtel in a philanthropic manner as well.

They will be pre-selling $15 tickets for the pleasure of partaking in a tasty 10 oz coveted glass. There is a limit to one per customer during the window of 5 pm-8 pm this Sunday, February 27th.  Tickets are no longer valid after that time.
From the Khyber:
To honor Pliny The Younger's contribution to literature and history we are donating 100% of the profits from the keg to our friends at The Free Library Of Philadelphia Foundation to aid them in their advocacy of youth literacy.

Pliny the Younger's 11% ABV is skillfully concealed by copious amounts of hops. Dry hopped four different times in the brewing process, the Younger is incredibly bold yet balanced.
Tickets are on sale now at the bar while supplies last.

Khyber Pass Pub is located at 56 S. 2nd St.
Phone 215 238 5888


  1. You can only imagine my annoyance at being in California, and actually visiting the by-then Younger-less Russian River brewpub, while this goes down.