March 10, 2011

Beer Forecast: It's raining Dogfish all weekend- Jose Pistolas, BRIDGIDS, POPE

Dogfish Head has had a few events this week...starting with Grey Lodge's March Forth last weekend. Then local representation was on location in Pittsburgh- we don't know where she was, or what she drank other than 120 minute- we're just glad to have her back.

Here are a few spots you can be sipping on the nation's hottest craft beer-=

Firkin Friday lunch at JOSE PISTOLAS
75 Minute IPA aka Johnny Cask 
Red and White and World Wide stout on tap.

That's what I call a jump-start to your (craft beer express) weekend

One of my near and dear drinking spots has been stashing some DFH for a bit.
All weekend they will be pouring:
Burton Baton
Chateau Jiahu
Midas Touch
Palo Santo Marron

Dogfish will be one of the breweries featured at POPE's "Ladies Day Out."
I will be there along with Wendy from Dogfish and Megan from Ommegang.
In addition to our beers flowing - we will have some of our favorite musicale accompaniments.
I may or may not be trying to deejay from like 1 till 3 or so.

Dogfish Head:
Aprihop, Midas Touch, Burton Baton and the World Wide Stout which POPE is running through the Randall 3.0, the Enamel Animal with vanilla bean and coffee bean.
Hennepin, Chocolate Indulgence, Belgian Pale Ale and the Tripel Perfection. 

Sly Fox
  O'Reilly's Stout, Odyssey, Gang Aft Agley, Seamus Irish Red plus a firkin of Chester County Bitter.

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