March 16, 2011

Chicken Talk

Chicken Fried Chicken at POPE
I gave up meat for Lent- but my pops told me I could cheat on  Sundays. My friend Wendy thinks that's BS.
But when you think about Lent (and chances are you don't ) if you included Sundays it would be 44 days. So Pops is right.  And I plan on catching up on my meat fast every Sunday.
This Sunday kicked it off.
I headed to the POPE for some life-saving chicken fried chicken.  It's literally brunch on a plate- you have the savory golden crispy cutlet smothered in thigh-sticking white gravy sitting next to some eggs your way (my way is scrambled).
I then headed to the Brewer's Plate which was a meat fest for the second year in a row.  Pork was the plate under the rotunda last year. This year there was some more pork belly, but also some beef tartare (SPTR) and a few lamb dishes. I ate it all.  Then headed to Varga wanting some of Turney's cereal ice cream.  It was like a Brewer's Plate after party.  and everyone was ordering food- multiple courses!-- I thought didn't you just come from a food festival?
But then as soon as the food came out- I was like a scavenger. Stealing Dave Garry's Fried Chicken, Wendy Domurat's Veggie Burger, Mike Fava's scallops.  After all that meat-- I needed a little mollusk.

I can't believe I haven't had fried chicken in months-then twice in one day. Did you know it is the number one served plate in sit-down restaurants across the country. (My new food and drink trivia research led me to that nugget).

It was the most popular dish at Resurrection Ale House until they took if off the menu. It will be making a comeback for one day only- starting at lunch. Lady-in-charge Leigh Maida says, "While the chicken is frying, ain't nothing else coming out of that kitchen folks. When it's gone, we'll all plunge ourselves back into a chickenless blue funk."

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