March 28, 2011

Drink with a Gnome- Gnomegang arrives this Tuesday @ the P.o.p.e.

Ommegang and 'Brasserie d' Achouffe' collaborated on a Belgian Style Blonde ale, Gnomegang.
It will roll out in Philly this week with a kick-off part at the P.O.P.E. on Tuesday night.-7 till 10. 
I don't know other event details but I know you can drink with a gnome and I know Ommegang usually has awesome giveaways.
Look for the limited release to also be available in 750 ML bottles.

From the brewery:

Gnomegang is a rich, translucent gold, with a big, fluffy white head. The high-carbonation is readily apparent. The nose focuses on distinctive clove aromas, combined with yeasty fruitiness typical of Chouffe beers. Flavors include ripe fruit, clove, light caramel, non-cloying candy sweetness, smooth maltiness, and well-balanced hopping. Mouthfeel offers a big, round body with full, fine carbonation. The finish is dry and warming, lingering gracefully.

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  1. I think I am going to attend this event. Ommegang makes some great ales and I am sure this one won't disappoint. Thanks for posting and I'll be sure to report back after my night at the P.O.P.E.