March 17, 2011

I got my own beer! Teaming up with Iron Hill for a Collaborative Saison.

For the last few years I have been nudging my brewer boyfriend to name a beer after me. Musicians do it with songs all the time. I mean tons of musicians have written songs for me over the years, Joey Ramone with "Suzy was a Headbanger" and  "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen are just two of many songs bearing my name.  So I thought it was within the realm of possibility that I could have my own beer.

Finally, Iron Hill is graciously entrusting the brewery to me for the day and I get to collaborate with him and brew a beer.    He doesn't call me Suzy actually- so it would have to be a play on Suzanne, thus Saizanne.  And yes- I know it's a bit egocentric having a beer named after you that you brew.... I wanted something that would pair with a variety of foods.  So I thought Saison.  My boyfriend has actually won a Gold medal for his saison recipe at the Great American Beer Fest (08)- so it made sense. But we'd have to "Switch it up," and make it personal.  It will be unfiltered, light-bodied, bright and complex with earthy, fruity, spicy character and a refreshing finish. Our beer club colors are green and pink- so we decided to throw green and pink peppercorns in there.  I love pepper. So much that when it's treat time- he often gets me pepper mills.

We will be brewing on Tuesday March 29th and the release party will be April 30th at Iron Hill in Maple Shade. Hopefully a bunch of Beer Club ladies will be there in support.   I am thrilled to brew on a commercial system-and  I want to encourage all women out there not to let it be just your husband's hobby.

Iron Hill recently announced plans to open their 9th brewpub in Chestnut Hill at the end of 2011. Their locations are in Media, Lancaster, North Wales, West Chester, Wilmington, Newark, Phoenixville and Maple Shade. They won "Small brewing company of the year" at the 2010 World Beer Cup. 



  2. That is cool. I'm sure Chris will only let you participate in the glamorous aspects of brewing, like scrubbing vessels, shoveling spent grain, sanitizing, etc. You know, the sexy stuff.