March 28, 2011

I love San Fransisco

I found "Susie Hotel" wrong spelling but still...
I can't believe it took me thirty some years to get there. Now I want to take an annual jaunt.
I sure got a lot done in four days- but I missed a lot too. I'll try  to get a bit up each day.
Here's a snapshot:

*I ate the crab cellophane noodle dish at The Slanted Door that SF eats put on their 100 things to do before you die.
*I caved in and ate meat at a place called Boccalone: Tasty Salty Pig Parts (you get pig by the cone)
*I had bourbon ice cream with corn flakes at Humphrey Slocumbe
*I had the mandatory burrito-but made a mistake and went shrimp (felt guilty about that whole meat by the cup thing)
*I went to a speakeasy  Bourbon and Branch-awesome!!!
*Drank a delicious kolsch at Magnolia 
*Scrambled eggs were revolutionized for me at PLOW
*I compared 2009 vs 2010 Deschutes Abyss Barrel-aged stout at the Monks Kettle
*Drank $3 Blind Pigs at the Toronado for hours
*Ate a cupcake from the Patisserie that Alton Brown awarded "Top ten desserts" in the country
*Walked on the steepest hill of my life

Check back for more (with Photos)


  1. San Francisco, San Francisco, you're a muttering bum in a brown beat suit, can't make a woman on a rainy corner.

  2. all great choices. and...Boccalone! double-yay!!