March 2, 2011

JG DOMESTIC hosts OMMEGANG 3.10 7 pm

Thanks to THRILLIST for reminding me about one of my best friend's beer dinners.

Foie Gras & Farmhouse Poached
Apple Brochettes
California Green Almond, Cracked Pepper Caramel
Farmhouse Saison (Hennepin) 
Rhode Island Little Neck Clams
House Garlic Sausage, Ommegang Broth, Grilled Sourdough
Rare Vos Belgian Amber
Slow Roasted Elysian Fields Lamb Leg
Fava Bean Ragout, Charred Fiddlehead, Dubbel Lamb Jus
Abbey Ale Dubbel
Chocolate Beignets
Tobacco Parfait, Cherry-Garces Ice Cream
Three Philosophers Quadrupel

Have you ever had beignets there?

It's $75 (plus tax and gratuity)

Reservations Required: 215-222-2363

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