March 1, 2011

Jonathan Richman

Tried to see Jonathan Richman tonight. Couldn't see over heads that were as tall as he.
Then as soon as I start to enjoy myself and get over the whole "I'm not tall thing"---it's over.
Yep- an hour to the minute that he went on stage. And you can't even fault him for it- because every moment with the Geee-tar was awesome. Crowd-pleaser he was.

He did two encores. But you still wanted more.  He actually has so much material that he didn't even play one thing I own and I have a bunch.

My ever-adorable sister invited us for pie- and I would have accepted- but I was concerned that my concert date had to work early in the morning.

So suddenly everything is stopping short- the concert- and the "concert night."
I am in pj's at 10:35 pm and I just did dishes. Lame. Really Lame.

Here's a song Richman wrote about his wife-- "Everyday Clothes."
No wonder every young lady wants to date a musician- men usually don't say sweetness without a six-string in hand.

Also weird -- on YouTube only 75,222 people watched this and within one day (today) 489,682 people are following Charlie Sheen  on twitter. I'm officially depressed.

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