March 10, 2011

Nodding Head takes Rudy to the Fifth Dimension this Saturday

Nodding Head continues second saturday beer events with.....

Variations on Rudy

Saturday March 12, 2011
3-6 PM
Nodding Head’s Rudy’s Kung Fu Grip gets twisted this way and that…
The Variations:
Rudy’s Kung Fu Grip
Very strong (11% abv) Belgian style ale… Deep amber red in color and full bodied… Malty sweetness with a plum-like fruity character and just a hint of spice… Served unfiltered.
One-Year-Old Rudy’s Kung Fu Grip
The exact same recipe aged for a full year… This should make for a mellower even easier to drink (scary idea) Rudy.
Oaked Rudy
Rudy’s Kung Fu Grip Aged in Hungarian oak.
Kung Fu Phunk
Rudy’s Kung Fu Grip aged in the Phunk Barrel… Brettanomyces present in the barrel dried out the malt sweetness to a large degree and added a pleasant amount of sourness… Mild barnyard characteristics mingle with fruity notes and just a hint of spice.
Rudy’s Icy Grip
An Extra strong Rudy… That’s right, just in case 11% ABV wasn’t strong enough for you.

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