March 14, 2011

Victory Beer Dinner at BARBUZZO Wed March 23rd

A few things:

I just found out at the Brewer's Plate yesterday- that Victory is the next beer dinner at Barbuzzo ( semi-finalist for James Beard New Restaurant of the year).
They do staggered seating throughout the night as opposed to one seating.  I found this format works well.
5-10... menu is on barbuzzo's website.

Happy Monday.
I was slightly annoyed to have my laptop contract at Computer virus of some sort over the weekend. That might slow down the blog for a few days.  But then a look through some of the photos of the Earthquake /Tsunami destruction that Japan endured last week- led me to be quickly silenced and grateful for my safe haven here in the States- especially Pennsylvania.

Have a great week.  Beer club ladies- I am trying to establish a final count for our  three course Vegetarian dinner at South Philly Taproom this Wed. at 7:30.  There will be three small plates and three beers for $25.
Email  me.


  1. FYI Victory menu is up on the Barbuzzo web site.

  2. Thanks syllogism. Yes one would logically assume the menu would be there. The link wasn't working on my computer. I would click on the logo and nothing would happen. Then again it has a virus.ill try to edit the post to reflect that its on the website.

  3. it was so awesome...thanks again for setting up such a great event suzie!!