March 21, 2011

Who made it into Farmer's Cabinet over the Weekend?

I peaked in on Thursday night as they were still getting things open.
Who ate/drank and made merry at Walnut Street's newest Restaurant?  Leave a comment if you can.


  1. Wife and I hit it up saturday night and loved it! Loved everything about it: decor, beer, cocktails, food, music, crowd, etc. Bartenders were super friendly & accommodating. We ate smartly reco'd cheese and a ridiculous burger, super juicy w/ an awesome tomato relish. We sampled offerings from each bar, beer and cocktails, both were equally great, although pricey.Jazz band was winning touch for us, we will be back.

  2. I was there Sat night... great drinks and beer and atmosphere is great. We had a hilarious waiter who dramatically presented all of the drinks. Although I enjoyed the live music, I did think it was a little loud and was glad to be seated far from it. Could still smell the paint on the walls!

  3. I ate there last week. And whom should I encounter during my visit? Don Russell, Mat and Neil from Philly Beer Scene, and Leigh and Brendan from the Memphis Taproom trifecta. Was like a parade through Beertown.