April 12, 2011

Beer Week TEEs by Brad Hosbach

Beer fan and designer Brad Hosbach has created a variety of Philly Beer Week tees for the second year in a row.
Check them out here.

gildan tee (Vintage red) $12
american apparel (solid red) GIRLS OR GUYS STYLE AVAIL.  $20
Tuletx soft tee (unisex or womens style) Vintage red $15

You can paypal him directly at bradhosbach@hotmail.com

Expect $3 for shipping


  1. I think it's time you have a pink/green tshirt with the IPA logo. Cute!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the shirts. We're having our first Beer Week in Madison, WI next week, w/o any gear. So this is the next best thing!

  3. Nice shirt for celebrating beer week!