April 1, 2011

From the desk of Steve Mashington

Introducing Yards Torque

It’ll make your head spin.

We've been keeping this under-the-radar for a while, but now it's time to let this beast loose. Introducing Yards Torque, our first — and presumably last — guarana-infused ale. We brewed up a batch of Brawler, snuck some Guarana seeds into the boil and then aged it in a bourbon barrel. (It's the world's first energy session beer…now you'll really be able to go a few rounds.) Torque is nothing like we've ever brewed before and we doubt it's anything we'll ever brew again. Enjoy it while it lasts. Available in 24 oz. cans only. Look for it at all your favorite distributors, bars, pubs and watering holes. ABV 4.1%


  1. Oh my God, I was so scared for a second that I'd have to forsake my cherished Philly brewery!