April 6, 2011

Gnomegang has arrived- many will hold to Philly Beer Week

Gnomegang hit Philly last Tuesday with a kick-off party at the P.o.p.e.

The beer was enjoyed by all- so much that the South Philly bar almost kicked three kegs.
Party-goers tipped their tulip glasses and were able to cheers the "LaChouffe" gnome throughout the night.
Special commemorative tees were distributed.

Many of the bars that were lucky enough to snag a keg our keeping said keg for Beer Week events.

The beer was the first collaboration between Brasserie D' AChouffe and sister brewery, Ommegang.
They even used the notable yeast strains of each brewery. (Plus 5 malts and noble hops)
The beer is a blond golden ale- 9.5%. It will make you want to eat all sorts of cheese.

It's an extremely limited release so get it while the gettins gouda.
 750 ml bottles are available at better beer stores.

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