April 4, 2011

Hanging up the Hat

My first shift at Bridgids was January 5th of 2009.  I wasn't sure if it would be weird making the transition  from semi-regular to Monday evening barmaid  but it worked.
It's quite a special place- actually one of the first bars I drank in when I moved to Philly in June of 2001.

Mondays are always a bit hectic for me.  Well I guess every day is. But every Monday I would drive to Royersford for a meeting then head straight to bartending. Lately the Monday nights have been getting later with the addition of live music. My 12:15 departure is closer till 2 am.  And that makes for some weary bones and a tired spirit.

So no more. 86 me from my favorite horseshoe bar.  I hope to guest bartend around the city from time to time.

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