April 4, 2011

I survived Atlantic City Beer Fest

Three sessions.
Four hours each.
18,000 people.
And ten feet away from "Bopping Heads"

I decided if it was my friends, and music more my speed it could be  fun. But Aqua's "Barbie Girl" blasting over and over was unbearable.
I all but lost my voice having shouted Pikeland Pilsner and Black Raspberry Reserve repeatedly for 12 hours.

On Saturday my Uncle Steve joined me to pour beer. He shared with me something I did not know- my great, great aunt Rose Coyle was Miss America 1936.
And the first Miss America to get asked for an encore for her talent segment.

A special thanks for Josh of Unos Maple Shade and Harrison Hitchcock of French Quarter Bistro for volunteering.


  1. she is beautiful, what was her talent?

  2. You look like her! Same cute shape to your face. Awesome!

  3. I think your Uncle Steve meant that she is your "third cousin". Your grandfather, James W. and Rose Coyle, (Miss America 1936)were first cousins.
    Steve, your dad, and I are her second cousin.
    There is definitely a resemblance between you and Rose.
    [She won the talent award for her tap dance.]