April 27, 2011

SAIZANNE release at Iron Hill Maple Shade this Saturday- be there!

As you might already know- Lance Romance and I brewed a beer together- a saison with green and pink peppercorns.  He wanted to add a lil more peppercorn flavor- so he dry-peppercorned it last Friday.

I really brewed it too.

I didn't just follow him around- taking in the sweet smells while texting people- he had me mill, mash in- even take out the spent grain.

I realized a few things-
1) There's no need to go to the gym when you're a brewer AND
2) when he's tired and wants to hit the hay at 9:30 pm it's A-OK because he worked his brewer butt off
3) Brewer's get a daily facial. Another reason while more Women should be brewing!

We spent the last two nights making ice cream to compliment it.  Lance made the "wort caramel" I did the rest.  We look forward to sharing our creations with you this Saturday from 12-5.

Read Lance's pitch for your attendance here.

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  1. Finally made it out to Maple Shade this weekend to try to Saizanne. Very well done!! The peppercorns were a nice twist to the Saison flavor.