April 15, 2011

Salt and Pepper

Last night we were debating between some upside-down pizza at Stogie Joe's or a plate of house-made pasta at Paradiso on East Passyunk.  We never made it past Salt and Pepper. My friend Russell built the bar- so I had been curious (not to mention the guilt that the praised byo- in its first life-was a mere two blocks from my house and I had never been.) One of the owners, Robert Reilly was actually tending bar- the other- Joe- was working the dining room.  It's always nice when you can walk into a restaurant and have both owners clocked-in.

Chicken and Risotto

I started with the Gnocchi in a Porcini sauce with asparagus and proscuitto. I had to hand over my think slab of proscuitto to Lance because I am a pesco-vegetarian for another week. He went for the scallop, of which I stole two bites.  I then moved on to the Seared Tuna with Ginger, Cilantro Sushi Rice and Baby Bok Choy. The rice was a nice addition to the plate-also mixed with a bit of soy- it was a welcome stray off the "american bistro" concept.  Lance's Chicken looked just about perfect served atop a rich risotto.

The beer offerings are still a work in progress.  Right now guests can enjoy a Darkhorse Crooked Tree IPA, and a DFH 60 minute IPA (and more).  They love their wine there- and a few bubblies are served by the glass. I say go with Cava.
Directly next door is Capogiro. If you don't indulge in one of Salt and Pepper's sweets- finish off your dining experience with some apple and marscapone gelato and get a coffee from their crazy $40,000 coffee maker (same one that your excellency, Pope Benedict  XVI uses at the Vatican).  Cheers!

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