April 28, 2011

Selling Sly in Doylestown

Fish Tacos at M.O.M.s
I headed out to Doylestown today with a nice gent Brian Hall (works at my wholesaler Origlio) to explore some Sly Fox opportunities.

I am going to be spending a bit more time out in Bucks Co.  I think there's some Sly Fox to be sold.  I am still trying to understand how people make decisions out there. A lot of the handles seem to be tied up.  When people embrace craft- it seems regional.  Lots of Dogfish, some Weyerbacher, Victory, and Troegs.

We hit Maxwells on Main aka "MoMs" (They have a bring your own Vinyl night on Thursdays)
 The Penn Taproom (great airy room- Allagash White and Hennepin on tap) Mesquito Grill-of course.
Finneys Pub, Chambers, 86 West (the see and be seen spot- Sierra and Dogfish on tap).

There's a bunch of boutiques if you have the loot- AND Siren records! (One of the most organized record stores I have been in recently).  The organic pizza place- Jules- is a must.

I'm even thinking about taking Lance Romance on a date to D-town.  We could even take the R5!
The worst part about heading to Doylestown- (originally named for Doyle's Tavern- the town tavern) is the drive. There's no easy way to get there. You are on 611 for a while.  But once you sit at a window table at the Penn Taproom- the stress of the drive will be far behind you.

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