April 20, 2011

Split thy Skull IS this Saturday

This is a pic of Sugar Mom's wall with "PeeP art"
A few people were speculating as to whether or not Split thy Skull was on this Sat.
It is!
I am not sure when doors open. It's safe to say they will at the latest be open by 1 pm.
No draft lists have been made public (that I have seen).
The event isn't even posted on Beer Advocate.
This was one of Philly's first annual events dating back to the mid-90s.  Heck- when Lance Romance lived in Boston for a few years- he would even come home to attend the basement rockin' rollicker.
Perhaps the low-key advertisement will result in a nice, laid-back event pleasantly filled with skull-splitting veterans.  I've been every year for the last four or so-and plan on continuing the tradition after a visit to the Memphis Taproom Beer Garden first.

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  1. hell yeah. its on Beer Advocate now. I have a group of friends that go every year. we're usually the 1st nerds in line every year.