April 11, 2011

Weekend in Rewind <<<<<<<<<<< Sly Fox Samplings and Snacking

Weekend isn't always a word in my vocabulary.  I don't clock out at 4:52 on Friday and forget about work until my morning joe on Monday.  It's ever present and often requires promos and samplings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  This weekend- I had samplings both Friday and Saturday- but they were within miles of my house so it made it a lot easier.  It's a little defeating to drive an hour away to sell three cases of beer.
I've done it too many times.

Planet Sushi
Friday sampling was at Beer Heaven-a great takeout on Columbus Blvd. 850 different beers. Fair pricing.
 I was teaming up with my friend Megan from Ommegang for that one.  I went to Dibrunos and got a couple cheeses to pair.  "Comte" -french cow- that I thought would go well with the Royal Weiss, and an aged "Mahon" -Spanish Cow- that I remembered working with the Phoenix, or even the Rt 113 in the past.  I brought my boombox, and bonded with Tara- who was manning the store- over Jmy Beer Heaven itunes mix.  We didn't sell a ton of beer, but we had a ton of fun. Megs then came over with a bottle of Hennepin and Saison Vos- and we ordered $95 worth of Sushi with our gal Wendy.  That's how we do "staying in."

I'm Delicious
The next day Lance decided he was only eating at restaurants/bars/takeouts/ that were within 1/2 mile of each other.  We ate brunch at MONSU (Peter Mcandrews Sicialian restaurant at 9th and Christian.)  We loved it. Four filling plates and a bottle of pellegrino for $43 which I thought was fair. Especially considering we had breakfast at the Fitzwater cafe on Friday and that ran us $35 for your standard eggs, toast, coffee, juice breakfast.
So Am I

Grilled smoked mozzarella, watercress, prickly pear puree, sesame croccante (Complements of the Chef)
Grilled Octopus (and sausage) in a red wine reduction, 
Gnocchi with crab and mint, in a tomato cream sauce
Eggs Basildict poached eggs on focaccia, sausage, basil plum tomato cream

We then walked it off, then I was off to my sampling at Global Beer in Northern Liberties. I sold at least 10 cases.I was even able to get one gent with his case of Spaten as he was on the way to the register.

As soon as I had recovered from our MONSU indulge- we were at 943 in the Italian Market.  It's Argentinian/Italian. Lance and I were waiting for it to open for months.

Sampling at Global Beer
We grabbed a bottle of Ridge Zin, and a Left Hand Oxymoron (Imperial Pale Lager).
I'm still not eating meat- so I stayed with yet more octopus- and the housemade papardelle dish.

Fresh Pasta at 943
Lance enjoyed sweatbreads ("They're no Southwark," he says) and a Ravioli with pesto- that was slightly undercooked.  Our server was sweet- but didn't come close to providing the service that we've been accustomed to.  When Lance asked her about a certain steak- he answer was "I don't know" and continued to look at him to see if he was going to order it.  That's not acceptable.  It's an open kitchen- I can see the chef- you're not that busy (yet) go and ask him- because it will make the difference. And I'm sure she would rather sell a steak for $26 then a pasta dish for $11.

We stayed in and watched You, Me and Dupree. Lance won't stop talking about this movie (although he fell asleep)  Matt Dillon is a disgrace. Him and Keanu should have some beers and toast to the fact that they ever  got people to watch their movies (outside of Outsiders and Point Break -I'm sure many of you will think the Matrix).

Home-Cooked Rise and Shine
Sunday we went to the market- got some blood oranges for fresh squeezed juice and some pastries from Isgros.  It was nice to cook again after all that dining out.  I threw tarragon into the cheesy eggs.  And we picked up a pack of maple bacon at Dibrunos.  I was so full I couldn't even eat my Apple turnover- so I will probably make a cinnamon ice cream out of it.

I ran a bunch of errands. Record timing. Hit Staples, IKEA, and BJ's Wholesale with Wendy- in an hour and 45 minutes.

Tres Colores at Marra's
Then comes Marra's- South Phlly Family restaurant since 1927.  The original brick oven- had bricks made from Mt. Vesuvius apparently.  I was slightly disappointed in the pie...but Lance insisted on Brandy Alexanders and Tartufo. We took our leftovers and through them into our friends mail slot on the way home.

I am sure it was better than her Tuna fish sandwich.

We took the two pieces with proscuitto out of the box- because we knew she wouldn't eat them.  So I'm walking down 8th st with two pieces of unboxed pizza in my hand.  And there is the lovely Charlotte Camels standing outside Bibou. I said to Lance"Oh God- this is going to be embarrassing."  She was joined by Michael-a long time bartender of the BARDS and I would later find out that writer and wine connoisseur David McDuff was also inside the restaurant at the time.  We chatted a bit. I tried to make light of the pizza in my  hand. Then promised we would be in for dinner soon.

 That is- if we're invited back;)

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  1. Far worse actors could share beers and toast with Keanu than Matt Dillon. "Rumble Fish", "The Outsiders" and "Over the Edge", these early teen angst movies are unrivaled except only by a Mr. James Dean. Honorable mentions- "There's Something About Mary" and "Drugstore Cowboy" are also good. Fact.