May 9, 2011

Brewery to recreate George Washington Porter- wait didn't YARDS do that ten years ago?

My father called me at 7:25 this morning to share an NPR story he heard on the radio during his morning drive.  I had already read the same news last week and reached out to YARDS Tom Kehoe out of curiousity.

So Shmaltz Brewing Co. (well-respected brewery behind Hebrew and Coney Island Beers slated to be part of Philly Beer Week again) worked with the New York Public Library to recreate George Washington's small beer with molasses.  The recipe comes from the Rare Manuscripts room of the NY Public Library.  It is scheduled to pour on one day only to celebrate the 100 yr anniversary of the Stephen A. Schwarzman building that houses the library.  It will be called "Fortitude's Founding Father Brew."

Here is a photo of a page out of my City Tavern Cookbook with said recipe.  I got my start in Philadelphia working at City Tavern and became quite attached to the Porter. This was in 2001.

Based on the article- it appears that the Library sought out the brewery.  A quote from Jeremy Cowan reveals such. 
"What an incredible opportunity that the New York Public Library has offered Shmaltz Brewing Company," said Jeremy Cowan, founder of Shmaltz. "A chance to bring history, culture, and the written word from revolutionary times into today's craft beer evolution. We are thrilled to transform Washington's recipe into an even more complex and flavorful robust porter using a delicious array of the best small batch dark malts and hop varieties to produce a truly spectacular celebration for the contemporary beer connoisseur. By adding Brown Malt to the grain bill and the additions of Northern Brewer hops and rich molasses to the boil we were able to produce a beer that is modern but with ingredients that have been a part of brewing for generations. The 100th birthday of the Schwarzman Building is such a monumental occasion, let's toast to 100 more successful years as a true New York cultural institution."

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