May 12, 2011

Even more sunshine....

On my way home from the Sly Fox White Dog Dinner- I took 15th st. South so I could peak into Jose Pistolas and see if Jose- himself- was there. I had a few questions about his soon to be world-famous "Late Night with Joe Gunn."
He couldn't reveal much but he did say that there was an increase in technology this year-  And that they have arranged for a stage to be built.  "Late night with Joe Gunn" takes place Monday-Thursday at Joses Pistolas.

So while Joe was pouring drinks for others- and I sipped on my club soda- I was occupied with Keith from Monks kitchen and his new friends "The Twins" Jen and Steph. I ran into Keith outside the bar and he said he was in the middle of arguing with twins about Chase Utley.

The minute I arrived they were non-stop.  They were loving the margaritas, loving the fact that I worked for beer, mentioned the fact that they LOVE love love Dogfish. They pretty much love everything.  I'm sure the patients that they care for as nurses feel loved as well.  I'm not a big hugger- but they went for a hug a couple times, and one time almost took my earring out.  But alas- it's been a while since I met twins- or anyone that damn happy - so I told them I would give them a shout out and here it is.

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