May 4, 2011

For the Kids: Crayola Paint Bubbles

Tanner, Kellen, and Sis
My sister Patty thought it would be a good idea for the Easter Bunny to get the boys (Tanner and Kellen) Crayola Paint Bubbles.  They were washable and non-toxic.

I was making rounds in the Hatboro/Horsham area that day and ended the day at her house so I could pick up the birthday pie I left there on Easter.  This is what I found when I walked down her driveway.

I had never seen two happier boys in my life. Smiles only widened by "getting" Aunt Suzy on her little bit of leg that had been exposed.

I thought it was all "fun and games" then I remembered that I had to still hit three accounts when I got back to the city.  So I had to wipe it off.  But-boy were those crayola paint bubbles fun.
Just make sure you have a hose near by.

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