May 27, 2011

For those of you that didn't know a Scone could be a Heaven-sent Triangle of Morning Decadence.

A few weeks ago my friends Gary and Janine helped me pour beer at the Washington Crossing Beer Festival.(which was a well-executed fest).  They wanted to attend the fest but it was sold-out. I needed volunteers. It worked out perfectly.

But they're so sweet they decided to buy me some scones to thank me for getting them into the fest. Not just any scones- but J.Scones outside of Doylestown, PA. There's nothing attractive about scones.  They're usually dry and chalky.  You hope like heck you have a beverage to dunk them in.

Not these. You buy the dough frozen and can make them at home.  Your house will smell better than any Yankee candle you've ever lit. And as other people have mentioned- since you bake them yourselves... you do kinda feel like you had a hand in making them. 

So far I have had pear ginger, and chocolate fig. You probably live no where near Doylestown. I am sure you know about J. Scones if you do. They are located at 4119 E. Swamp Rd.

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