May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Wendy Domurat!!!!!

Last year Wendy's significant other whisked her away to Mexico for her birthday. She was gone for four days, feasting on guacamole pool-side, and sipping on booze-filled smoothies.  She didn't text for the duration of her stay.
I was busy back home- no guac, no frilly drink, no crystal blue water.

Well-I innocently forgot to throw a birthday blog up during her absence. It's been 365 days since and she has probably brought it up about 40 of them.
Every time I did a birthday blog- she'd go "So so-and-so got a birthday blog and I didn't." or "So your nephew-heh? It's his birthday I see...."

I couldn't wait for a chance to redeem myself.  She is one of my best friends. We're pretty synonymous with each other in the local beer industry. If I am out without her- people want to know where she is.

She's been a true blue.  So much that -when she thought  my arms were getting too flabby she got me an "As seen on TV shake weight." It made me want to rewrite the lyrics to that Dionne Warwick song- because THAT is what friends are for.

Happy Birthday Friend.

My friend Loves the Descendants

She gussies it up for Chifa

She's all smiles after 17 hours of sleep at Ommegang

She was there for me when my car broke down at a toll both on the hottest day of the year

She LOVeS the Phillies. She goes to almost every game.

She's the proud owner of a new tangerine buddy scooter

She Loves Sushi (and has been known to order massive amounts for delivery- actually she loves delivery)

In Denver at Great American Beer Fest

She goes sailing in the Summer as part of a Dogfish Series in Annapolis

She eats synthetic hair?

She looks really nice in white standing next to Tom Kehoe.

We disagree on things from time to time.  She likes Red Hook Coffee Lattes-I'm becoming a Shot Tower gal.
She gets Manhattans at Southwark- I go Sazerac (or beer).  She still seeks out old REM cd's. I do not.
She's responsible-she owns a house, a parking permit and has perfect credit. I do not.
She love orange juju beans. I do not.  She loves ketchup (gross).
We have more in common though.
She loves it when I make ice cream. She likes Marshalls- i Love it.
She loves it when I dance to ELO's "Do Ya" with my arms up in the air till I fall on my face.
She loves Ryan Adams. She loves bad tv.
We call each other "Friend"
And she is one of the best a lady could have.

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  1. Very awesome, nicely done. This seems like it should make up for last year :) Happy birthday Wendy!