May 25, 2011

Kan Jam- Bigger than Chicken Wings? Tourney at Four Seasons Thursday June 9th 4 pm.

Sly Fox is crazy about Kan Jam.
The founders of KANJAM say it's "America's #1 party sport."   And if you know us-you know we love to party. Some of you might know Corey Reid- he manages Sly Fox sales and distribution for all of PA outside the five counties and all of New York. He's singing the song and slinging the beer all the way up in Buffalo! He's a champ.  He's always working- but when he's not- he wants to play KAN JAM.  It's sort of a disc golf game.  We will be organizing teams and playing it at our Four Seasons event. Email to sign up.

Can't you picture it now? Sunny day, some Sly Fox cans, and Kan Jam!
Here's an informative video about our new favorite party sport :

And here's video footage from the World Kan Jam Tournament. Charlie thinks KAN JAM will be bigger than Chicken Wings.

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