May 25, 2011

Matyson- National Escargot Day recapped

There are four restaurants in Philadelphia that deal with the same Burgundian snail purveyor- Bistrot La Minette, Bibou, Southwark, and Matyson.  I have now dined in all of them and can say with confidence- that they are some of the city's best.
All four celebrated National Escargot Day with an all snail menu.
 Lance and I decided on Matyson.  I have an event coming up on June 28th there and I was embarrassed that I had not been.   We don't make it to BYOs often.

Matyson was wonderful.  We had to change our reservation twice, and they weren't annoyed at all.
First- because Lance was working a bit later then because we decided to go to a mystery happy hour.

I arrived at Matyson- borderline famished so I was pretty grateful when Chef Ben Puchowitz sent out a hamachi and avocado napoleon of sorts to get us started.

Then it was snails, snails, and more snails.  (It was a little dark so the photos are - a little dark)
Fried Snails -Three Ways 
Polenta ShortCake with Black Berries and Creme Fraiche
Veal stuffed with escargot served with morel mushrooms and faro
Chocolate Marshmallow mouse cake

I will be hosting a beer dinner at Matyson on Tuesday, June 28th.
 Menu has not been determined yet- but I am so excited to work with them.  Call restaurant for reservations.

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